Holiday Gift Guide for Any Woman

  1. Ugg Booties
    I saw these on a fellow blogger via Instagram and fell in love with the brown pair. Although the black would be equally cute!
  2. Zella Leggings
    I own these leggings and they are by far my favorite leggings to date. They never slip and have the best tummy control!
  3. Olive Plant
    I’ve seen Joanna Gaines decorate so many homes and incorporate olive plants in big pots or baskets, I want one! I love that this one is a little more mature than just a small starter plant…giving a corner in someone’s home character right away. Find a cute basket or pot to place it in – no wrapping necessary. A great gift for the plant lover!
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow
    I’ve owned this eyeshadow palette for a long time and I love it! My favorite of them all.
  5. Katie Dean Fantasia Necklace
    I love all Katie Dean jewelry because of its dainty feminine touch. Her pieces are perfect for that special lady in your life. A mother, sister, sister-in-law – you name it! (get 20% off until December 10 with code SAMANTHA20)
  6. Thread Supply Wubby Fleece
    In love with this sweater, have seen amazing reviews and its a favorite of many!
  7. Joanna Gaines Homebody Design Book
    I have this, it’s amazing, I’m loving it and I think you would too. You can’t go wrong gifting anything Joanne gaines to anyone this year.
  8. Carry On Suitcase (with wheels)
    Any suitcase that comes in a pretty pink color (and others) and has wheels…is a huge pickup! Great reviews on Amazon too and a great price point!
  9. iPhone Driving Gloves
    I love the button detail on these gloves, great gloves for driving and then also are compatible with your iPhone so you don’t have to take them off and obviously – don’t text and drive, wait till you’re parked!
  10. Joe’s Joggers
    Love the color of these joggers, great loungewear!
  11. Lavender Heating Pad
    I use a heating pad on my shoulders to help me relax before bed. It’s amazing and my new favorite step in my nighttime self-care routine!
  12. Patagonia Sling (multiple colors)!
    This is on my wishlist because we use a smaller version to carry around Rowan’s stuff when we’re out and about. We want the bigger one to help store all the snacks!
  13. Yeti Tumbler
    Love the white tumbler and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Yeti!
  14. Patagonia Better Sweater
    I own this and it’s amazinggggg. In Dusty’s words “It’s cute on you and looks cozy!” it layers great under jackets and coats and has a lot of room inside. I wear a size medium with a lot of room yet in it.
  15. 23 and Me
    A fun gift for anyone in your family. A little pricier, but one of those gifts that lasts a lifetime.
  16. Emily Ley 2019 Planner
    I use Emily Ley binders and planners and I love them. You can get pages from Office Max and other places to refill the planner pages. SO cool!
  17. Halogen Cashmere Sweater (comes in multiple colors)!
    I only own one cashmere sweater and it is so very cozy. At the price point of under $60, this Halogen one is a STEAL! And comes in a handful of colors.
  18. Numi Tea
    I recently switched to using this tea once I read about the way tea is made, especially mainstream ones like Tazo and others. I love knowing this tea is ethically and organically derived – since I drink it nightly, this was important!
  19. Night Reading Light
    I’m a bookworm and Dusty is always ready to fall asleep way before me. I need one of these little lights! Great for the bookworm in your life too.
  20. Essential Oils Diffuser
    I have so many friends and family members that use essential oils or are interested, so getting an oil diffuser and maybe some oils, is a great gift this year!

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