Holiday Gift Guide for the Men

  1. Burts Bees Gift Set
    This is one of those basic but practical gifts and you can’t beat Burts Bees!
  2. Yeti Rambler
    We don’t own Yeti mugs yet, emphasis on YET, but we have heard nothing but rave reviews.
  3. Hammock
    This small and portable hammock is the perfect gift for that special dude in your life!
  4. National Geographic 50 States
    My husband is obsessed with travel and site seeing, especially if it his history related. He would love this book to flip through and map out our future family road trips.
  5. Wooden 6 Pack Caddy
    Fill this bad boy up with your man’s favorite brews and stick it as is under the Christmas tree!
  6. Portable Campfire
    For the adventurer in your life, this is the most clever little thing!
  7. Trunk Organizer
    Organization. Need I say more? Anything that can aid in my husband’s ability to help me keep things organized is a win! A great idea for the guy who has a lot of things to haul around. I could see having one in each vehicle. Great for groceries etc.
  8. Travel Toiletry Bag
    The classic look of this toiletry bag would make it a great gift!
  9. Shot Glass
    A shot glass with a shotgun bullet in it….need I say more?
  10. Old School Nintendo
    What man doesn’t like a fun competitive game of Nintendo? Bring him back to his youth and snag this game set.
  11. Tactical Wallet
    Saw this and was like “wow, genius!” this is the perfect
  12. Patagonia Sweater
    This is basic but so nice and comfy cozy looking. This is Dusty’s style every day all day.
  13. Slippers
    You can’t go wrong with a new pair of slippers!
  14. Organic Dark Coffee Grounds (over 16,000 five star reviews on Amazon)
    Did you read that? Over 16,000 five star reviews on Amazon. We are dark roast coffee lovers around here so you better believe Dusty is getting this this year shhh don’t tell!
  15. Chess Set
    Slow down his weekend and day by getting him a wooden chess set. Playing chess reminds me of slow, easy Sunday’s with coffee in hand and a fireplace crackling in the background
  16. History Book: Bill O’Reilly Killing the SS
    Dusty is obsessed with history. All of the Bill O’Reilly books are super interesting. For the bookworm and history lover.
  17. Productivity Planner
    I’ve heard great things about this little planner…and by default Dusty has become even more of a planner than I am, which I don’t think I ever would have imagined!
  18. Adidas Hat
    Love the look and love the brand!
  19. Hot Sauce Making Kit
    Dusty loves hot sauce, this little hot sauce making kit would be a fun and creative way for him to get in the kitchen 🙂
  20. Jack Cube
    The organizing Jack Cube – need I say more? This thing makes SO much sense. I always hear “where is my phone? Did you take my phone?” or “have you seen my wallet/glasses _____?”

    Thank you so much for shopping through the links in this blog post, they are affiliate links, and I do receive a very small commission if you purchase through them. I appreciate you supporting me and allowing me to continue blogging for a small profit <3

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