What Others Wish They Had Known About Cesarean Births

I recently shared what I wish I had known prior to a cesarean birth – I also asked my readers what they wish they had known! Below is a compiled list of their responses. Some of their responses resonate SO much. I love having this community and women who are willing to share their thoughts. You’ll find in the list below that everyone’s experience varies and can be so different! I hope this offers more of an understanding of the unique experiences we all go through. To read about what I wish I had known before a cesarean birth – click here!

  • Having a cesarean birth is not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be. Recovery time is pretty short overall, especially if exercising. And you get to see the baby right away.
  • That they constantly come in and press on your belly/check your fundus
  • Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs 🙂
  • You will smell like a teenage boy again because of hormones!
  • Remind your family to be vaccinated before coming to see your baby.
  • It’s ok to say no to some visitors.
  • Get a boppy pillow for the hospital to help hold the baby up off my c-section area during breastfeeding and snuggling.
  • A raised area for baby to sleep so I didn’t have to bend down as much, whether it be a bassinet next to the bed that’s higher, a pack n play, or the crib! Just make sure they are on the highest level.
  • When getting my c-section I was extremely nervous and tired, I wish I would have done more research about what could be offered during the c-section (clear drape, skin to skin, breastfeeding, etc) this obviously can’t be the case for everyone because of emergencies but if it’s a planned c-section, know your opportunities!
  • I guess this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re not opposed to it—I’d say take the drugs at first to stay ahead of the pain. I didn’t take my drugs on the third day until it was too late (was trying to be a hero), and I was in so much pain that I honestly wasn’t being an effective mom. I could hardly take care of LO because I was so sick from the pain, so my plan backfired. It is major surgery, after all, so taking some Motrin is probably not the worst thing you could do (again—I get some people don’t want to, and I respect that).
  • Your healing time is longer, with the inconveniences of recovering from surgery. You’ll have fundus checks AND incision checks and you’ll never be so scared to poop in your life and high waisted underwear are the best invention in the entire world. Bottom line, birth, regardless of how it happens, is pretty darn amazing!
  • I wish someone told me that my “parts” were learning to back to their normal place.  I wish someone told my husband that a c-section is a more difficult recovery than a vaginal birth! He expected me to “bounce” back and that didn’t exactly happen ?
  • I wish someone would have told me to use a postpartum belly band! It made all the difference the second time around.
  • I didn’t realize what a MAJOR surgery it was … ? that first time getting up to walk in the hospital was painful. You don’t realize you use your abs for everything until you have a c-section!
  • How constipation can happen and to take stool softeners asap!!!
  • I had a c-section due to a failed induction. I didn’t even consider a c-section an option while I was pregnant so when it happened I wasn’t prepared for the recovery afterward especially in the hospital.
  • I found out there is such a thing as a clear drape for those of us who are claustrophobic, and if you find the right dr. You will still be able to experience skin to skin with the baby directly after the baby is born.
  • Make sure to get up and move as soon as possible and keep moving the more you do, the sooner you do -the quicker and better you recover.
  • How weak everything feels! How swollen everything gets! To ask For a hospital belly band ASAP. That it’s much easier to sleep on the couch with the baby in a bassinet if you’re bed is upstairs or too high off the ground.
  • While my anesthesiologist was amazing and he was so attentive, I wish I knew to speak up and tell him I maybe had too much. I could barely keep my eyes open and have a very faint memory of the whole day that my daughter was born ? I also want people to know that cesarean recovery isn’t always as bad as you might think/hear.
  • Delayed cord clamping!
  • How to care for your incision, yourself, bending, picking heavy things up, using stairs, etc.
  • Although I wasn’t in pain I knew I wasn’t fully good to do things how I used to. I knew it was a big surgery but didn’t really process that you have to care for your body internally too.
  • I know that this is silly but I wish I had bought button down aka nursing friendly nightgowns…pants including sleep pants were too uncomfortable the first week or so….and that your a mom no matter how you deliver!! So much is said about a mom that delivers all “natural” without any pain medication etc. Its hard work no matter how your baby arrives!!
  • If you are nursing, find the most comfortable nursing pillow possible. I have three different ones because wiggly babies and an incision while attempting to breastfeed can be difficult. I was able to prop the baby up and cover my incision with the pillow. Not to mention, the light pressure from the pillow felt nice as well.


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