Update on Life: The Residency Saga + Other Things

Hello! It’s been a while. Life has been anything but short of insane. Juggling two kiddos and Dusty’s residency schedule has been a huge life adjustment on all fronts for our family – but we’re surviving it! Thank you for your patience as my presence here has been quick and short from time to time. I sure hope (and think) it will get better soon-ish. And things can become more consistent-ish and normal-ish. I think the “ish” on the end shows my lack of certainty.

Residency Update
Whew. Residency has been crazy – to say it simply. There have been weeks that I’ve seen Dusty for all but a total of 7 hours in one week (and those hours he’s typically in a zombie-like stupor) His work hours have been long and arduous…R asked me the other day as we drove by the tall building downtown where Dusty works… “Mom…is that where Daddy lives?”  – bleh, knife right to the heart. That was tough. “No honey, that’s where daddy works…daddy lives at home with us…he’s just really busy helping sick people right now.” What else can you say? All he knows is his daddy isn’t around as much. Thankfully…he’s young…and when it starts to matter more, Dusty will be done with residency. There is a light at the end of this long long longgg tunnel. But it’s slow and an uphill battle the entire way – but we’ll make it. Dusty has a nice little “vacation” (4 days off) over Halloween that we will be using for some good quality family time. Thank goodness for Walmart grocery pick up and delivery, it’s been a lifesaver!


R Turns Three
R had his 3rd birthday this last weekend. Ugh, my momma heart couldn’t take it. Yes, I cried, quietly into my coffee on the day of his birthday after I put him down for a nap. I cried because I realized while rocking him in that rocking chair that he was big and heavy and he wasn’t a little baby or even a toddler anymore…he was becoming a little boy – a threenager – sure, but a little boy none-the-less. And I was grieving the time that’s flown by and the little baby that he once was. This last year was a huge development leap/change for him…and with his growing pains comes my own as his momma. It’s hard. I love him. He’s amazing. I thank God for him each and every day.


Q is growing like a weed! She’s a great sleeper (for now) and last night finally went down at 8:30 p.m. which was a nice hour and a half earlier than usual. Woohoo! Partayyy! Could it be? Am I getting my evenings back? For Bachelor binge-watching and wine? Reading in quiet solitude? Dare I say…working out? So many things…so many things…when those little nuggets go to bed at a decent hour and sleep through the night…the world becomes my oyster – or at least the evening in my home does! I’ll take it! She is so so SO smiley and happy and content. She loves to sleep and eat and is always searching a room for her big brother. Bathtime is her favorite time and she would sit in the tub all day if I let her. Her easy-going personality has my tub of maternity clothes packed away on a shelf in the garage – now the question becomes…to send to Goodwill or not to send to Goodwill…that is the million-dollar question – TBD 🙂


Kitchen Update
If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll know that we recently put in new countertops. We threw out our goose poop green countertops and brought in a lovely white color. Next, we will change out light fixtures, remove a section of cabinets to do open shelving, paint the cupboards and add new hardware. A slow transformation, but a huge upgrade from what we had before. I’ll be doing a whole blog post in the future about this with before and after photos (stay tuned).

Until next time!

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