Simplifying + Refrigerator Organization

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I’m in the process of simplifying and organizing the way we use our refrigerator. Dusty and I have notoriously lived in homes where the refrigerators have been on the smaller side. So the second we have a messy fridge…everything in it feels out of place and chaotic – thus, food goes to waste. I’ve spent some time searching online and talking with friends about the best ways they organize their fridge to fit their busy lifestyles. Almost all of the friends I’ve talked to and websites I’ve read… recommend the following – and do it each time you bring home groceries!

1) start with a clean fridge – wipe it out and throw away any unused, spoiled, or expired food, 2) take most all things out of their original containers, clean and prep any fruits or veggies, 3) use clear containers to store food your chopped veggies, fruits, and other similar items, and 4) find containers or corral’s that can keep like or similar items together.

My goal is to make sure I’m following the above steps each time I come home with a load of groceries. Before putting the groceries away I’ll wipe out the fridge and then complete all four steps in order to keep our fridge somewhat organized. Our reality is… that by the time our fridge is ready for another round of groceries…it is also ready to be wiped out and reorganized. Making these steps a part of the grocery shopping process means that most days our fridge (although small) will be organized, clean, and used in the most efficient and effective way possible.

When it comes to shopping for storage containers and other items to use, Wayfair has just about everything you could possibly need to make these steps and simplifying your fridge work for you! I purchased two sets of glass Pyrex containers with lids in order to obtain the look and feel I wanted my fridge to have. I also love that the Pyrex containers are glass – great for warming up hot foods and keeping cold food items.

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