Our First Month as a Family of Four

I received a product in this post with compliments of DockATot. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are almost one month in to enjoying life as a family of four! Whew. Things started out pretty smooth at first. My mom stayed with us for two weeks to help us acclimate and get started with the adjustment of having a new baby in the home and during that time Q was an easy and sleepy newborn. Dusty was only off for a week total and 3 out of those 7 days were spent in the hospital during my post-c-section recovery time. Him going back to work after only a week…felt…short. Too short. But we knew it was coming. He went back to work and thankfully, my mom was around for another week and a half to help us out.

In the last few days, Q has gone from always sleeping to being more awake. However, we are hoping she’ll start sleeping in longer stretches – four hours…that even sounds wonderful right about now…we’ll take anything over three hours! For the most part, Q does what most babies do – eat, sleep, soils her diaper often, and cries from time to time and she will use whatever method offered to her in order to get her food – she isn’t picky – but when she wants to eat, she wants it now (she gets that from her momma). One of the first things I noticed about her when we were in the hospital after her birth was that she has dimples in her cheeks! She must get them from Dusty, which is adorable.

Aside from our unending infatuation with every ounce of her. We are tired…or well…exhausted would be the best word to describe our current state. We are eagerly awaiting those longer stretches of sleep and hope to feel more normal once they arrive. For now…we operate on zombie mode.

R has been adjusting as well as can be expected for a toddler who now has to share mom and dads attention and time with a little sister. He loves and dotes on “Q” (as he calls her) and really does look out for her. When she cries he tells her “Don’t worry Q…mommy will be right back.” Or he will try to help give her her pacifier back or gently stroker her hair and head. He’s got the sweetest and kindest spirit about being a big brother. We have been working on explaining how he has to watch his body (legs and arms) and can’t jump and flail around too much when she’s sitting nearby. It’s also been a little harder for him to learn patience when we are feeding Q or when he needs to wait to get something he wants because she needs us more urgently. This change has produced a handful of tears and some conversations…but all in all, he’s adjusting…slowly but surely…and we can imagine things will only get better from here.

For me, being a stay at home mom of two has definitely shown to be more complicated than I anticipated…but then again…being a mom of one was equally hard and daunting in those early months. I’m thankful for the experience I can now reflect on almost three years ago when R was born…I remember how each phase comes and goes in the blink of an eye… “the days are long and the months short.” oh how very true that quote is…it is one that will forever be engrained in my mind and keep me pressing forward as the rollercoaster of parenting and motherhood brings me around one whiplashing corner to the next.

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