Quick and Healthy Snacks for Busy Lifestyles

This post has been sponsored by Lindsay, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dusty and I are constantly on the go…whether it be him rushing off to get to the hospital for work or me packing up my purse to run errands with R. At the end of the day we are typically flying in two separate directions as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning.

We’ve always been big fans of carrying healthy snacks with us on our busiest days, which are most days, I used to be terrible at remembering to pack something for myself and would end up ferociously eating the last of R’s pretzels or animal cookies that I had packed him for our outings – which weren’t the healthiest for an attempted low-carb keto diet at the time and definitely wasn’t a good “adult snack” overall.

Since then, we’ve stumbled upon Lindsay® Snack and Go! olives and they have become our favorite and most convenient on the go snack, not only for Dusty and I, but yummy and good for R if he is interested in having some too. I love packing one or two in my purse to head out the door and run errands. Each box of Lindsay Snack and Go! olives comes with four smaller, ready to eat, on-the-go containers. Currently, our favorites are the Lindsay Snack and Go! Pimiento Stuffed Spanish Manzanilla Olives and Lindsay Snack and Go! Medium Black Ripe Pitted Olives – but there is a handful to choose from! They are salty and savory and there is no liquid in the containers which helps to eliminate a drippy mess.

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Lindsay® Snack and Go! olives are also convenient and easy to share when you’re hosting guests at your home, a delicious snack that everyone can enjoy! Serve them next to cheese, meat, crackers, and fresh fruit or veggies!

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