Update on Life: Spring 2019

We are in a nice season right now as a family. Dusty is “off” which means he is around A LOT…which really has never been the case during medical school. I’ve been told by those who have gone before us… “The fourth year of medical school is so nice! Enjoy it while it lasts…residency is crazy.” I don’t know whether to be grateful for the heads up or fearful. Especially with a new baby coming at the same time. I’m sure it’ll be tough…actually…it will be tough and I’m prepping my mind and soul for a really difficult season coming up this summer. But in the meantime, we are trying our very best to enjoy NOW – even though we are in the midst of finalizing and closing on a home!

Homeownership Contd…
I wrote recently about our journey to finding our home – all we have to do now is sign some final paperwork and technically the home is ours! woohoo! And my goodness the banks are like the CIA trying to understand every little transaction, loan, financial info, etc. it feels like you’re baring your soul to them…which I understand and it truly makes sense why they’d dig into things but it’s not a fun feeling whatsoever. This home buying stuff was quite the experience…and one we truly underestimated. I’m so thankful it’s happening now while Dusty is off! The one big bummer is that Dusty starts orientation at Mayo Clinic before we move so he will have to go and stay down there for 9 days prior to us being able to move into our home…boo hiss…however, if that’s the most of worries I think we’ll be ok!

Med School Graduation
We have medical school graduation coming up this weekend – Mother’s Day weekend – for Dusty! We are really looking forward to this chapter of life closing. Medical school hasn’t been easy on us…I think we will utter a HUGE sigh of relief once he walks across that stage. The best part about Dusty walking across the stage…he gets to bring R with him. How adorable is that? I’m pretty sure that’s when the tears and emotions will come spilling out and down my cheeks. It’s making me tear up just thinking about it!

Pregnancy & Baby Q
It seems like just yesterday I was complaining that I couldn’t feel her kicking/movement and now she’s doing a gymnastic act in there! Some days there is more movement than others, which I remember with R is normal. I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is attached on the front of my uterus making her movements to that area of my belly more “muffled” if you will…so most of the movement I feel is around the sides of my belly or down low. Dusty and I keep talking about what her personality will be like…R was and has been anything but meek and mild since day 1 out of utero…we laugh because most of his newborn photos his eyes are WIDE open…I feel like SO many photos of parents bringing home their infant are sleepy, cuddly, content images…not our R…he was ready to rock and roll the day he was born and was pissed he couldn’t see clearly. I have a photo that I just added to a new baby photo album I made where I am holding him at two months old in a Moby wrap on Christmas Eve…facing outwards (which isn’t proper at that age) so he can watch me make cinnamon rolls…the kid wanted to SEE everything. My dreams and visions of a sweet snuggly baby were very few and far between when it came to the reality of things….so we ask…will Q be different? Will she be just like her brother?….we shall soon find out!

R & Toddler Life
He is officially 2.5 years old and acting like it 🙂 another reason I am so thankful for Dusty having time off right now is that he gets to help be hands-on with R who has needed some extra love and guidance as he works through the terrible two tantrums and we start potty training. One thing Dusty and I both have learned over the last handful of months is that toddlers (babies and kids in general) are completely unpredictable. One week he thinks green beans are evil little food items I put on his plate to torture him with and the next week he gobbles them up out of nowhere and asks for seconds…even thirds. If you want to talk about mind games…just bring up one’s children! I’m pretty sure in the last three months Dusty and I have set the record for the number of side glances and wide-eyed looks any parent could give. They say watch out for the “three-nager stage”… Jesus take the wheel!

Spring Garden Plans
Sadly, our garden will likely be very limited this year…there is no sense in me starting one in our current home due to our moving…and then we won’t be settled until early July in our new place. But you better believe one of the first to-do’s I have for my handy dad is to have him make a couple raised garden beds for us that I hope to plan veggies that can be harvested late into summer/early fall. The other great thing…the new location of South East Minnesota we are moving to will be a tad warmer longer…stretching the growing season and making up for a late start. My dahlias that have been stored all winter in our garage will travel with us and be planted as soon as we arrive. I can’t wait to see how those do in our new climate and yard. So much to look forward to! It excites me to make our yard and home into our own…and getting the garden started is on the top of my priority list!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned, I’m hoping to do more Life Update posts in the near future as our move looms ahead.

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