10 Things I’ve Purchased on Amazon in the Last 3 Months

  1. Death Wish Coffee
    This was some really good coffee! If you’re a dark coffee fan you would love this coffee!
  2. Egg Poacher
    I’ve been poaching my eggs in a pot of boiling water for years and remembered that my mom used to poach eggs in a four holder stainless steel poacher and it worked like a charm – I realized I had been doing it wrong all along and snagged this super affordable poacher that works wonders and makes the perfect poached eggs!
  3. All-Natural Deodorant Cream
    This all-natural deodorant was referred to me by Grace and it is SO good, Dusty and I both really liked it!
  4. Toddler Pillow
    R was asking for a pillow recently…after day 5 of him asking for his “own pillow” I realized it wasn’t going away and that he was indeed old enough for one. I purchased this one and I love that you can adjust the amount of filling to suit your toddler’s needs, its organic cotton, machine washable, and lump free!
  5. Robeez Socks
    These have been my favorite no-slip socks for R since he was a baby. Amazing!
  6. Toddler Under Armour Hat
    R loves wearing a hat on sunny days and his Nike one that we had him wearing from infant to one year old was too small, so I found this adorable black Under Armor hat on Amazon and it kills me seeing him inside – so darn cute!
  7. Toddler Sunglasses
    I love babyiators (aviators) so darn cute…these UV protectant ones fit R great and I snagged this sunglasses strap to keep them on his head!
  8. Dino-Hockey
    Dinosaurs who play hockey…need I say more?
  9. Praying through the Bible for Your Kids
    My friend and fellow blogger, Heather, recommended this book – I haven’t started it yet, but have heard great things!
  10. 6 Piece Luggage Organizing Set
    I recently stumbled upon this luggage organizing set and it has been SO wonderful for our trip to Florida…so much so that I want to buy a set for Dusty and R…it keeps your things much more organized. I love it!

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