Unique Ways to Use American Greetings Holiday Cards to Personalize Gifts

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The gift-giving season is upon us and that means beautiful gift wrap, bows, ribbon, and other adornments. I’ve always been a big fan of wrapping holiday gifts each year. I enjoy turning on Christmas music, getting a festive candle going, pouring a beverage and then letting the wrapping begin! This year, I wanted to focus on how I could personalize gifts with thoughtful holiday cards. There is something still so meaningful about getting a card with a handwritten note in it. Cards say the words that we sometimes are at a loss for. Cards don’t merely need to be stuffed in an envelope and taped to the top of a package or shoved into the side of a gift bag full of tissue paper. Cards can be part of the festive wrapping and gift display! In this blog post, I get to share ideas on how you can make your own gift wrapping special and personalized using American Greeting Cards from Target!

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Pick Out Greeting Cards
Visit the American Greeting Card section in Target and browse their many holiday cards for all of the different people in your life. Cards that evoke humor and laughter, heartfelt words, love and admiration, and well wishes for the holiday season.

Select Your Gift Wrap
I am a huge fan of vintage-inspired wrapping paper right now. I love the simple designs on brown paper. There are so many varieties and fun patterns out there nowadays. Grabbing gift wrap with different designs, textures, and colors allows for a lot of creativity and mix-and-match options!

Choose Ribbon & Bows
Who doesn’t love some beautiful ribbon and bows on Christmas packages? A little bit goes a long way. I like to keep my décor simple so I don’t overdo it, and I don’t let the ribbon or the bow outshine the package itself.

Start Creating & Wrapping
Find unique and creative ways to incorporate the card into the gift wrap. Use the ribbon, bows, or string to display the card in a way that makes it front and center. The card can definitely do most of the work for you! Not to mention, it displays meaning, heartfelt thought, and personalization. Select a card for each person you are giving a gift to from the many options that American Greetings has and then personalize it to their package.


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  1. I like that you suggest finding ways to incorporate the card into the wrapping of the present. My wife and I are sending a gift to my dad this month. I will keep this in mind while we are looking for the perfect vintage patent greeting card to use.

    Posted 12.27.19 Reply