Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy

1. Echo Show
2. Echo Dot
3. Tile
Connect this to your keys so that you never lose them again!
4.iPhone Tripod Bluetooth
I love using this to get pictures of our family when we have nobody to snap it for us
5. Fitbit Versa
6. Canon Wireless Mini Photo Printer
So cute and unique for a quick print photo
7. EcoVacs Deebot Vacuum Cleaner
If our dog Reo wasn’t petrified of anything with a motor that moves and isn’t human or another animal – I’d totally want one!
8. Sonos Speakers
Recommended by basically all of my readers on Instagram when asked what is the best speakers for in a home.
9. Home Projector
Create your own movie nook or room in your home – or, better yet, host a movie outside!
10. Roku TV

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