Holiday Gift Guide for Young Kids

1. Walkie Talkie
What a fun toy for young kids to play with while in the house or outside. I remember my first walkie talkie set and it was the best!
2. Doll Farmhouse
Adorable tiny farmhouse – Magnolia style!
3. Fort Builder
I would have LOVED this as a kid, way more sturdy and fun compared to couch cushions and dining chairs.
4. Little Patient
For some this toy may seem creepy, our family finds it creative!
5. Polly Pocket
I used to love polly pocket as a kid, I’m so happy it’s still around.
6. Kinetic Sand
I bought this for Rowan to use in a shallow plastic tub inside at the dining room table with his trucks. He loves the sand and misses it with all this snow.
7. Keyboard With Mic
This is a fun way to encourage music in a younger kids life, a toy that grows with them over time!
8. Playdoh
Why just buy a few playdoh colors when you can have ALL of this.
9. Lego City RV
This lego set is so cute, Rowan is obsessed with everything and anything trailers and RV’s. Such a cute gift idea!
10. Indoor Trampoline
Again, let them burn that energy. The net is nice for those older kids.
11. Large Doll House
Beautiful doll house from Target and by none other than Joanna Gaines herself.
12. Dinosaurs
Rowan hasn’t gotten too excited with dinosaurs yet…but if he did, this pack and assortment would be awesome.
13. Strider Bike
We are thinking of getting him one of these this spring, maybe for Easter? So cute and a great way for young kids to learn balance before riding a real bike.
14. Mini Stick Hockey
Mini stick hockey is a current obsession in our family.
15. I will be OK Book
We started purchasing this series of books to help encourage a strong mind and heart in our kiddo. He actually really loves this book!
16. Ball Hopper
Another fun and a great way to burn that kid energy, get one for each kid in your house and let them bounce away!
17. Mop & Broom Set
If your kiddo likes cleaning – or at least pretending to – this little mop and broom set is perfect!
18. Aqua Magnetic Drawing Pad
A fun quiet time activity for the little creative children in your life.
19. Indoor Bounce House
I have a friend who moves furniture and blows this bad boy up in her house – make that two friends! Definitely thinking someday this may be a great buy – but not yet for us.
20. Let’s Go Fishin Game
I remember this game as a kid and it was so fun! Great bonding game for kids and family.

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