Holiday Gift Guide for the Bakers and Cooks!


1. Reclaimed Wood Server
I love everything about this server. I want!
2. Tea Kettle
I love the look of this tea kettle, I am a religious tea drinker, each night I love Chamomile tea!
3. Kitchen Aid Mixer
This is one of those items that has been on my list for a longggg time. Someday!
4. Copper Muffin Tin
I love the look of copper on bakeware!
5. Kale & Herb Razor
This could be super handy for kale salads!
6. Kate Spade Apron
The simple polka dots are so adorable!
7. Hand Blender
I purchased one of these many years ago and it’s been awesome for making soups and pureés. I can’t recommend it enough!
8. Garlic House
The cutest little garlic house – just the right gift for the garlic lover.
9. Rada Cutlery Set
I have a small rada pairing knife and it’s amazing, I can imagine the whole set would be super!
10. Corning Ware
You can’t go wrong gifting a nice set of corning ware!
11. Recipe Holder
This recipe holder is great for iPad’s and recipe books.
12. Wooden Heart Shape Spoon
So cute, this spoon would make a great stocking stuffer or be super cute tied to a package.
13. Pasta Maker
Get a pasta maker and a “how to make pasta” recipe book and plan a pasta party with that special person.
14. Instant Pot
I don’t have one yet myself but I hear rave reviews about instant pots! This one is small and affordable – great for the first timer.
15. Bamboo Cutting Boards
I always need new cutting boards and I love that these come with a stand and in a set of three!
16. Anthropologie Candle
A good cook or baker always has a candle going simultaneously while in the kitchen (jk I made that up).
17. Cast Iron Skillet
Dusty and I recently switched over to using cast iron to do most of our cooking – especially breakfast, I am never going back to anything else.
18. Herb Scissors
These are perfect for mincing that cilantro, basil, mint and other herbs from a garden!
19. Cookie Jar
I love the simple porcelain design of this cookie jar.
20. Measuring Spoon
Copper and then with cute porcelain handles. So adorable – and a great stocking stuffer!

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