Welcome Baskets for House Guests: Marquette, MI Theme

I love the idea of having a welcome basket for out of town guests. The basket is especially meaningful if it contains goodies from some of your favorite local shops. My friend Samantha Ashby is a pro when it comes to designing welcome baskets for her visitors! She agreed to snap a few photos of her beautiful creations and share where she purchased the goodies that are inside. Samantha’s tips are to 1) Find an affordable basket, doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Your local Goodwill has amazing options! 2) fill the bottom with shredded newspaper to give it height if your basket is deep, 3) put paper filler on top of the newspaper to make it more eye appealing, and 4) add in the fun items you purchased and perhaps a personalized welcome note! Leave it on their bed or nightstand to make them feel at home. Keep scrolling to see what Marquette, MI businesses she purchased gifts from.

  1. Basket ($1) – Goodwill
  2. UP Chocolate ($2.50) & Chocolate dipped pretzel ($3.50) – Donckers
  3. Book ($17.95) – Snowbound Books
  4. Naked Bath Bomb ($5.50) – Revisions Design Studio
  5. Jam ($4) – Marquette Food Coop
  6. Coffee ($12) – Veldrome

Total basket cost = under $50

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