Try On Session: H&M + For The Working Woman

H&M is offering 25% off site-wide using code 3157 on 8/10/18 only.

For those looking to purchase, I typically wear a size 8-10 or a Medium/Large and I am 5’7″. I tend to be curvier in the midsection and thighs – smaller up top (heyyy to my apple bottom friends ;)!) By purchasing through the links on the site or this blog post, you help support my small blogging business and allow me to continue to share styles and products that I love. Just click on the pink product title in the descriptions below. Thank you so very much – your support means the world to this SAHM just trying to do her side hustle! The description of each item is below the photos along with links for purchasing.

I’ve been asked a handful of times to share more on work or professional clothing for women. I too was a work out of the home momma for a little over a year after having Rowan. I still “work” but I find time to fit it in during nap time, at night, or when I get a random afternoon to myself (which doesn’t usually happen)… I remember that full-time office schedule and the thought of trying to find something cute and motivating to wear 5 days per week always felt difficult and uninspiring. Especially postpartum. I had a hard time finding a whole lot of anything that fit my expanded and changed body. It meant a lot of flowy and forgiving tops…stretchy pants…and grace for myself. I really loved trying on the handful of items below from H&M. I haven’t been in that store for at least 3 years, but every time I walk into one I think, “dang their clothes are cute and affordable!” Their business attire is always on point, a lot of great mix and match pieces. I wish I had had more time to try on more items, but they were closing in 20 minutes when I stopped in. I hope this blog post brings you a little bit of women’s workwear inspiration. I went with items that could easily be interchanged and I felt were complimentary of many different body types. Enjoy!

Womens workwear from HM Women's workwear from HM Women's workwear from HM Women's workwear from HM

Wide Sleeved Blouse
This blouse was sooo cute on. I loved the flouncy wide sleeves and that it had a little v-neck. The material was fantastic and it wasn’t see through at all. I highly recommend it! It comes in white, dark blue, and a beautiful red. I am wearing a size 8 in this photo but felt I could have even sized down to a 6 and still have been satisfied with the fit.

Green Slacks
These pants were super comfy! I was skeptical, because of the side zipper…but they ended up being really great. I liked them paired with the white wide sleeved blouse above. The material of the pant is very thick and durable…and I didn’t feel like they were showing every little lump and dimple in my thighs/buns (hah – just being honest)! I would have sized up one. I am wearing a 10 in this photo and I would have gone up one size to get a little more room out of them. They were tighter in the waist and not super stretchy. Aside from my preference for a little more wiggle room – they fit true to size!

Wide Sleeved Blouse (Red)
Again, LOVE this top. Love this red color. I didn’t buy it…but I want to go back and buy it…and in white too. But I’ve got to contain myself! Someone else please buy both and let me borrow them 😉

Stove Pipe Pant
Such a cute pant! I love that it comes in SO many different color/pattern options. The ones I’m wearing are the “Grey Dogtooth” and size 10. These felt truer to size and had a little more give than the green slacks above.

Crepe Jersey Top
You’ll see in the pics above I am wearing this shirt in polka dots and in solid black. It is a super comfortable shirt and a great transitional piece for fall. I’m a sucker for longer sleeves on tops and blouses. Huge fan. I feel like you can wear it in weather that’s a tad warmer or cooler temps – also, great for layering!

Stove Pipe Pant
I got mixed reviews on the polka dots paired with the pants via an Instagram stories poll…but I’ve been seeing a lot of women doing this and I’ve liked it!

H&M is offering 25% off site-wide using code 3157 on 8/10/18 only.

Since I didn’t have enough time to try on more – I pulled together a little widget below of more mix and match business professional pieces that I saw online and thought were super cute! I think you’d like them too. Happy shopping this sale! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and H&M try on for the working woman!

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