Try On Session: American Eagle Denim Fall 2018

I’ve done American Eagle denim reviews before and they’ve always gone over well! Everyone loves them some AE denim and this fall they won’t disappoint. I tried on my favorites recently and have shared my thoughts on each below. I especially love the high-waisted jeans (so there’s a lot of those). Use the pink titles below the images to shop them! I’ve rated each pair on a zero – 10 scale with zero being awful and 10 being amazing. I take into consideration the feel, look, style, and quality. For reference sake, I tried on size 10 jeans for this blog post and I am 5′ 7″, many of the jeans listed here come in short or long as well.

Dream Jean Jegging
Rating: 8 out of 10
I love the dark wash of this pair! I love that they seemed to hug in all the right places. I would definitely consider these a dark denim staple in any closet. I love that the wash and fade seemed to work in just the right places and helped accentuate my curves and legs! Love these.

AE Super Soft High-Waisted Jegging
Rating: 7 out of 10
Ok, I loved these – BUT, they have a weird leopard, speckled look to them in some places, especially down near the ankles. I tried to get a close up look. But they are truly the softest denim I’ve ever worn. I loved the quality and the feel. The look was a tad questionable. But overall great. So if you like the way the denim has a speckled look, these may be for you!

AE Next Level Super High-Waisted Legging – Torn Knee
Rating: 9 out of 10
If you’re looking for denim with a ripped knee – these are SO great. I really enjoyed these and if the cooler weather wasn’t coming soon to the mid-west I would have purchased these right away. I loved the dark denim, the tears were in the right spots and the high waist was awesome.

AE Next Level High-Waisted Jegging – Deep Sea Blue
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
I couldn’t give this denim a solid 10, but it was so darn close. I loved the dark wash, I loved the fit, I loved the length. Everything about them was amazing. Definitely, a pair to add to your wardrobe!

AE Next Level Highest Waist Leggings
Rating: 6 out of 10
Ok, these are super super duper high waist. And while I was initially ecstatic to try them on…they didn’t quite win me over. The material lost its quality in the high waistband and thus the “jegging” material let my belly sort of “poof” out. You can kind of see it in the side picture. I also thought they were just a little too high for me. But if you aren’t rocking a momma pooch and on the hunt for super high waisted denim – then these.

Aeo Super High-Waisted Jegging – Zipper Pockets
Rating: 5 out of 10
They needed a little higher waist, even higher than they were. I couldn’t love them. The zipper pockets were cute, the material was comfy, but they said “high-waisted” and felt more like mid-rise. I think if you’re a smaller framed woman with a less curvy booty these could work better for you than they did for me.

AE Next Level High-Waisted Legging – Distressed Crop
Rating: 7 out of 10
Ok, I think my bias on the rating of this pair of denim is in the distressed crop. Not a fan. Personally speaking. But if you are a fan of that look – then these are really great jeans! I would just be worried that the rips would continue up my leg and to the knee where there is more distressed/rips and then I wouldn’t have anything left of these jeans to wear.

AE Next Level Super High-Waisted Jegging – Button Up 
Rating: 10 out of 10
Let the angles sing “la la la la looooove” I LOVED these jeans. And still want them. Even though I didn’t buy them because $$ but goodness I didn’t think I’d love button up fly denim but THESE. I’ve seen a similar pair on Madewell for 10x the price. These are so comfy, so flattering. Hence why I have 101 photos above of them. My ultimate favorite pair by far.

AE Next Level Super High-Waisted Jegging – Destroy Your Blues
Rating: 8 out of 10
These are nice jeans, comfortable. But I can’t love super distressed jeans. I just can’t. Maybe I’m just getting old as dog poo….and I’m not fun and as risk taking as I once was. Either way, I could see so many women who love this look enjoying these jeans. They are comfy, the high-waist is great and the distressed look (if you’re into it) is spot on!

Olive High-Waisted Legging
Rating: 9 out of 10
These were great! I loved that they were a mix between cargo pants (hello more pockets) and jeans. They had a tie waist which was a nice change and they were really flattering. I could see these being dressed up for someone who is looking for casual work wear or down for someone who is looking to just throw a t-shirt on with them. Super fun and unique!

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