Around the House + Simple Space Updates

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included home goods as compensation. Thank you for supporting the brands I collaborate with, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Updating our guest room/workout room/office space has been quite the project over the last year or so. Once I get going…I get busy with something else…and the rearranging, organizing, and decorating ends and then restarts again months later. I worked with Curio Design Studio owner Allison Clark-Nie many months ago and she helped me tremendously with figuring out how to rearrange the space so that it had better flow. Now that it’s all rearranged…the decorating has been a big piece of the puzzle that I haven’t had a chance to finalize – until now! I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Kohl’s to purchase some amazing home items to create a more comfortable and cozy space. I love that Kohl’s carries quality home essentials at amazing prices and they have a home sale going on from 8/22 – 9/3 on Columbia, The Big One, Mohawk, and Serta!

I’ve been looking for a carpet combo for our spare room for quite some time, and I absolutely loved this carpet by Mohawk. The quality was wonderful and it was the perfect shade of neutral tones I needed for this space, it goes with everything! You can get a similar throw blanket from the brand The Big One, like the pink one I have in this photo – using a throw blanket is an easy way to turn a guest room into a cozy space.

Another thing I love to have available and ready for when guests arrive at my home are bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths – I loved this set from Columbia! I also liked many items from Serta that can help contribute to the comfort your guests might feel when they lay down for bed at night. I enjoy having this simple gesture ready and waiting in their room on the bed. I like to go with white because it gives a sense of cleanliness that I want my guests to sense/feel when they arrive. It’s a welcoming way to nonverbally say “come… unwind, relax – and rest. You’re home!”

Overall, I am so happy with how our spare room is coming along! I’ll be tackling a few other corners of the room in months to come – perhaps I’ll share some more photos!

Another little nook in our home that I’ve been slowllllyyy adding to, is Rowan’s “reading nook”.
I wanted to create a little space in his room that felt private and secluded, yet cozy and inviting. I moved things around so that his stuffed animals were there, and some toys – but mostly books.

To help make this space a little cozier for Rowan I added these two faux-fur bed rest pillows which he really likes. He was so excited when I set them in his room…he hurried over, grabbed a few books and wanted me to come and sit with him. I can see myself drinking coffee and reading books here with him in the mornings! I think it will be one of my new favorite spots in our home.

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