Simple Mommy and Me Workout

When it came to sharing this workout with my readers –  I knew I wasn’t the one to show you all how the technique should look… you know…because good posture and technique is key for a tutorial (and I’m still learning how to perfect mine) hah! Big thanks to my lovely friend Danielle and her daughter Azalea for helping me out. Danielle is a business owner, mentor, and health and fitness motivator! She has two kiddos, Crew (3.5) and Azalea (1.5), for as long as I’ve known Danielle I’ve been inspired by her ability to keep up with fitness even with a busy life as a stay at home mom and chasing around two toddlers.  You can get in touch with Danielle and learn more by clicking here and here.

What I love about this workout is that it’s only 4 simple steps that help strengthen your body, it’s quick and effective, and you can do it with your little one (win-win!) If you don’t have a little one, you can easily use a kettle ball or weight to do the same exercises. You should be able to comfortably hold your baby while doing these exercises. Please use caution and consider the weight of your child and your abilities before performing the below movements. Use at your own caution and seek advice from your medical doctor beforehand.

After completing each exercise, take a 1-3-minute rest and repeat. Go through each exercise
2-4 times!

1. Squat & Press – x15
Works legs, booty, arms, and shoulders

  • Hold baby in front of you with elbows squeezed in tight to your sides.
  • Squat with knees over ankles and chest lifted, parallel to the ground if possible.
  • Push through your heels and keep knees soft and push his forward as you stand and extend arms to lift baby overhead!

2. Torso Twist & Lift –  x10 each side
Works abs, oblique’s, arms, shoulders

  • Start holding your baby at hip level with knees slightly bent.
  • Twist torso to other side and straighten leg as you lift baby to the other side.
  • If possible, keep arms extended as you twist and lift to opposite side.

3. Bridge Baby Lifts
Works back, booty, core, and legs

  • Begin with feet on the ground, baby at hips and lower back pushed into the ground.
  • Push through your heels and extend hips upward.
  • Push through your heels and extend hips upward.
  • Squeeze your glutes and hold for a count or two and return down.

4. Walking Lunges with Baby Weight – x20 each leg
Works legs and booty

  • Walking lunges with baby weight and hold baby close to your body, facing away.
  • Take one large step forward into a lunge position, keep knee behind your big toe.
  • Bring other foot up to stand and reverse lunge.

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