Toddler Learning Tower DIY or Buy Round Up

Rowan is getting so big!!! He’ll be 21 months old this week. I can’t believe how much he’s changed…and that in three short months he’s going to be 2 years old! His curiosity about everything is growing immensely. He especially loves the learning tower that his Boppa Rogers built him. I saw different ideas for a tower like this all over Pinterest, and when I did, I knew Rowan had to have one. He really enjoys being able to climb up to “adult height” to see what mom and dad are doing or to join in our counter conversations. I’ll set him up to do crafts at the counter or sometimes he will bring his trucks and cars to the counter while I’m making dinner and he’s even helped stir the batter for the blueberry banana pancakes he loves so much. My dad made the tower using old wood he had on hand, he eyeballed most of it and made it after glancing through examples I showed him and different blog posts that showed DIY examples. Below are links to the different learning towers I browsed through and shared with my dad before he built this one! Maybe it will inspire you to have one made or to buy one for your toddler.

DIY Learning Towers:

Buy a Learning Tower: 

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