A Simple Way to Celebrate Your Friends With Summer Greeting Cards at Target

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In the busyness of life and all of the different holidays, events, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings that our culture celebrates…I sometimes wish that life would slow down a little bit more so that we could celebrate just “being”. That might some trite, but hear me out. Throughout the busy days of chasing Rowan around, I often think of the dear friends and loved ones I have in my life. These people have helped me through rough patches and have also been there to celebrate the good times. The friends who don’t bat an eye at my downfalls and failures but are there to tell it to me straight and then help me back up on my feet, pat me on the back and then give me the kick in the pants that I need to get moving again. So how do we recognize these friends? There isn’t a day carved out just for them…so it’s important to make one on your own time.

A special moment where you stop and celebrate their importance in your life. And then tell them. I love getting a card in the mail or a handwritten note “just because”. Don’t you? To know someone is thinking of you and appreciating you. There is something so uplifting and joyful about receiving an unexpected card in the mail that makes me smile and feel loved. Summertime is such a wonderful time to recognize these special people in your life. Major gift-giving holidays have come and gone and your personalized card will mean so much! There are always fun ways to put a summery twist to your card giving – if you want to add a little something more to the gesture, consider hand-picked or selected flowers or a basket of veggies from your garden with a favorite recipe tucked inside the card! There are so many simple and inexpensive ways tell someone you’re thinking of them and celebrate the special place they hold in your life.

I went to Target recently (sans toddler) which means I actually got to browse and read through the new and beautiful greetings card section! Target has the cutest cards by the most talented artists right now. I especially loved the fun and whimsical designs from the artist Kathleen Marcotte. Her cards are so awesome!

I snagged a handful of cards about friendship…which definitely emulated that “just because” feel I wanted to go with. Along with the card, I snagged a handful of fresh cut flowers from our local farmers market. Typically I’d love to include flowers from my own garden, but they haven’t fully bloomed just yet!

 There’s something personal about hand-picked/selected flowers and a bouquet arranged and personalized by the special someone who gifted them to you. Of course, a flower shop could pull a bouquet together for you in a jiffy, but the time, care, and thought put into a curated handmade bouquet is so very meaningful.

It doesn’t take much effort, just a handful of your favorite blooms, a vase with water, a pair of trimming scissors and your favorite summer greetings card from Target.

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