My Thoughts on Walmart Grocery Pick Up + $10 off Your First Order!

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In my efforts to continue to simplify my life as it pertains to household routines and time-consuming tasks that take away from what I really want to be doing… I wanted to share this little grocery shopping experience with you all! This is not sponsored, just a tried and true service that I am now in love with. I recently tried Walmart Grocery Pick Up – and it was the bomb! It saved me SO much time and I didn’t have to haul Rowan on what would have been a 1.5-hour grocery shopping trip. My typical grocery shopping loyalty resides within a handful of locations in our hometown – I don’t just shop at one place, I like to hop around to many different places!

Here’s how it works:

1) Download the Walmart Grocery App

2) Create an Account

3) Shop and add stuff to your cart, place your order, schedule a pickup time.

4) Wait for the text saying when your order is ready.

5) Open the app before you head to town to get your groceries and click “check in” this lets them know you’re on your way!

6) When you pull into Walmart follow the orange signage to the pickup parking spaces. Call or text them when you get in (the number was on a sign in front of the parking spots at our store)

7) They bring the groceries to your vehicle and help you load them!

A couple of things to note:
• I was so pleased, I tried to tip, they couldn’t take it, but asked that I fill out the survey instead and share my experience. So no need to worry about tipping!
• They allowed me to glance at the veggies and fruit to make sure it was of my liking.
• They explained that in the future I can call them to share any preferences with any veggies and fruit, i.e. if I want my avocados or bananas to be riper (they gave me a number to call that’s an actual cell phone number for their team).
• The payment goes through right when you place the order, almost like a “hold” and then get’s adjusted once you sign at pick up, in case there are any changes you want or need to be made.

Get $10 off your first Walmart Grocery pick up order! Just click here to get started.

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  1. Wendy wrote:

    The Walmart in Houghton doesn’t have this yet. I would probably drive the 2 hours away to avoid going into Walmart with my kids.

    Posted 7.19.18 Reply