Simplifying My Purse + And What 11 Women Keep In Their’s

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You may have followed along with my Capsule Wardrobe blog posts this past fall and if not – click here, to learn more about it! I’ve been on the hunt for a light colored structured bag to include in my wardrobe and when the opportunity to partner with Dooney & Bourke came along, I knew it was meant to be! I currently have a black structured bag that I throw over my shoulder on the days I’m not toting around a diaper bag, but always felt like a lighter brown colored one would be another welcomed addition, that way, I could switch between the two when needed to coordinate with my outfit. One of the ways I’ve worked to “simplify” my wardrobe is to be more practical with my clothing and accessory choices. Now that I have a black and brown bag, I don’t feel the need to go out and search for another. This bag has everything I need. It has a crossbody strap, is made from a good quality material, and it’s practical. It goes well whether I’m dressing down or dressing up! I’ve now gone through my closet and gotten rid of most of my frumpy bags that didn’t really suit the same overall purpose this bag can now provide. This bag is one of those timeless pieces that I can have for a long long time and not feel like it’s outdated or out of trend.

Keep scrolling to read what I keep in my purse and what 10 other women keep in theirs!

What I keep in my purse

My purse is one of those things that can end up being a bottomless pit of….well…everything. Today, I try to keep my purse and Rowan’s diaper bag very separate. I rarely if ever, lug both around, which means I have to be very intentional about what I put in my purse vs what I put in Rowan’s diaper bag. On a typical day without Rowan, my purse contains the following items.

  • Gum or Tic Tacs
  • Sunglasses
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pack of kleenex
  • Chapstick
  • Black pen
  • Hand lotion
  • Cell phone
  • Small notebook of daily to-do’s in case I’m out running errands and need it
  • Tampons (because…duh)
  • Wallet (with cash, credit cards etc.)
  • Coin purse
  • Face lotion or sunscreen (small bottles)

I really like the idea of keeping smaller zipper bags in your purse to organize things – I think I’m going to start trying that so I’m not digging through an endless pit for my favorite chapstick 🙂

Below you’ll read what other women say they keep in their purse! I might need to adopt some of these suggestions!

What 10 other women keep in their purse

Andrea K.
I pack a small leather bag within my bag that has chapstick, lipstick, hand sanitizer, Excedrin, compact powder, etc. all the essentials in one bag so they’re not floating around the bottom of my purse and hard to find!

Kim A. 
In the middle, I keep things I need immediately (wallet with cards, cash, and phone, driving gloves, water bottle, touch-up makeup bag) the inside pockets are used for coupons/envelopes, chapstick, nail file, small brush/comb, bobby pins. In one of the zippered side pockets I keep a sketchbook and a pouch of pens and markers, the other side I keep empty – sometimes I will put a book in there to encourage me to read instead of scroll through social media. It would also be a good place for tampons/wrappers/more chapstick.

Janelle J.
I have a purse with multiple compartments, one for personal items like tampons, pads, etc. I carry Tylenol, nail clipped, chapstick, lotion, etc in a little-zippered pouch. I’m still old-fashioned and have a little planner so I can jot down appts etc. My wallet. I carry some diapers and wipes but I have a stash of diapers, wipes, spare clothes in a drawer under the van seat so I can keep down some of the stuff in my purse.

Sarah S.
I keep it simple: Wallet, lipgloss, keys, pen, Bible, phone, hand sanitizer & my trusty S&W 40 cal. I use a menstrual cup, so I never have to carry tampons!!

Diane T.
A purse with two big compartments divided by a zipper pocket that can hold the small things. I carry a diaper, wipes, bib and a small toy for my 16-month-old at all times.

Lauren M.
Hand sanitizer, a pen, a mini notebook, 1 essential oil, chapstick, a soft measuring tape (so that if out shopping and see something for home I can measure). Those are in my purse always. I have a coupon organizer that I throw in there sometimes otherwise I just keep that separate for when I need a coupon. I have a wristlet wallet that I keep in my purse too. Often times my purse as a whole stays in the car and I just carry the wristlet wallet into stores.

Katie F.
For me, I have chapstick, and my wallet, Diaper, wipes, snack, hot wheels and a mini playdoh!  Mom of three over here!

Victoria L.
I always have my keys, a small notebook, wallet, an abundance of pens, lip gloss and my business card holder, my phone, and a Larabar! It came with some storage pockets so I use them for the small things and keep the big things in the open area. I try to empty it out every day or else it becomes a wild pit of receipts and random items.

Krystina G. 
A go-to for me is a peppermint oil roller ball for headaches.

Ali P. 
Rollerball perfume, always great for traveling too!

Tina P.
I bought a regular backpack that is somewhat stylish and use it as a diaper bag! I always keep my wallet, chapstick, wipes, diapers, a change of clothes for Owen, makeup, tissues, and hand sanitizer in it! Oh – also my water bottle in a side pocket.


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