My Simplified Hair Routine

One of the biggest things I’ve learned to simplify in recent months is my morning hair routine. Before I had Rowan, my mornings consisted of a long and relaxing hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, a slowly eaten breakfast, and a lot of ME time – which included, curling my hair and taking my time to do it. Nowadays, that is not the case what-so-ever. I realized I had to take control of what I could.  Anyone who has children knows that nothing is predictable. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out they start a new phase or change up the routine on you. Being flexible and “unplanned” was never my forte, but now, I’ve been forced into “going with the flow” (those words used to make me cringe)! Even if you don’t have children simplifying your morning hair routine can give you back a whole lot of precious time.

To start, I usually shower at night, and I don’t wash my hair daily. I have dry, coarse hair. So I wash it about 3-4x per week or every other day, and more if I workout. Washing it the night before allows me to feel less rushed in the morning. Where Rowan’s wake-up time varies across the board from 6am – 8am. The inconsistency here makes it hard for me to assume I can get an uninterrupted shower in the morning. Rowan also is at a stage where he’d scream bloody murder if I put him in the playpen or secured him during shower time (some kids can do this) Rowan, cannot.

So, at night I shower and blow-dry my hair. I’ve found that using a shampoo and conditioner combo that works to achieve the look I want without using hot tools is KEY. This has become the most important part of my simplified hair routine. It took some time for me to find a product that worked for me…so I suggest trying samples, or taking recommendations from friends, based on your hair type. Don’t waste time trying a product you know won’t work. For example, if you have fine and thin hair – stick with thickening or volumizing shampoos and conditioners, don’t stray and try something else like a “smoothing” set if you know that’s only going to weigh your hair down. Don’t waste your time!

For me, again, since I have thick, coarse, puffy, frizzy hair…I like to go with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been getting product from Aveda for a while now and one month they sent me their Smooth Infusion line. I tried it. And LOVED it. It was literally life changing (as far as my hair management is concerned). I use their Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, and styling products. And I buy it in the large bottles – because I love it so much. Using these products allows my hair to naturally take on the flexibility, frizz-free, smooth texture I want it to have before styling it. With my hair more smooth, I don’t have to spend as much time curling 0r straightening it with an iron. This is HUGE when it comes to waking up in the morning and having limited time to get ready. Or, if Rowan’s already awake, it is a lifesaver.

Once I’m up for the day, I brush my hair out and decide how I want to style it (remember, I showered the night before). Typically, my daily style is a half up hair-do. This is my go-to look because it keeps the hair out of my face, allows me to wear it “down” and gives me some creativity – i.e. I add a braid into the half up pony, a small half-up bun, etc.

Another blog post featuring the styles coming soon!

On a morning or day when I need it to look a little bit more polished (and Rowan slept longer than expected) I plug in my straightener or curling iron and use that to style the hair that’s down. Having used the smoothing product prior, allows this process to be rather quick. I like to use these small clear elastics to tie my hair up halfway or when I do a braid.

Once my hairstyle is complete, I sometimes toss in a spray or two of hairspray. I really like Oribe and Aveda.

What about mornings where my hair is dirty? I didn’t get to shower the night before? Or, life just happens?  Every woman knows that dry-shampoo is a God-send. To whoever was the inventor of this product…let the world kiss your feet and bow in your presences because you are saving the sanity of women worldwide. I love using dry-shampoo, and I use it often. It’s my go-to to keep myself sane on most days that things just feel rushed and I don’t have time to focus on removing the hair grease. On rushed mornings I might jump through the shower (hair up) and just wash my body. Then I use dry-shampoo to help freshen up my roots. I really like this kind by Aveda or this brand by Living Proof.

At the end of the day, hair maintenance is SO important when it comes to simplifying your morning hair routine. And finding a system that works.

1) Find a shampoo or conditioner combo that works
2) Plan out the days you will need to shower/wash your hair, if it’s daily, then pick the time that works with your schedule
3) Find styling products that also help achieve the look you want
4) Identify a really good dry-shampoo that you love
5) Find 3-4 easy and quick go-to styles that you can wear up or down and do with confidence and ease
6) Practice your new simplified hair routine and tweak what doesn’t seem to be working for you

How do you simplify your hair routine?

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