Simple 2 Minute Hairstyles

Not 5 minutes…not 3 minutes…but 2! These simple, 2 minute hairstyles are great for when you need some hair inspo in a pinch! Two minutes is about how long it takes me, on average, to do each of the hairstyles featured below. They are simple, easy and help streamline my morning routine (when I decide not to wear a messy bun and live in my pajamas or sweatpants all day). I recently blogged about the products I use to make sure that my hair is ready to go. You can take a look at that blog post by clicking here.

Disclaimer: the 2 minutes does not include shower, blow-dry, and styling product application. Typically, I do all of that the night before, wake up, and then take 2 minutes to do one of the styles featured below.

Each of these hairstyles uses these elastics. I have really layered, thick hair and I need to keep sections of it up at a time so it won’t fall out. I love these clear little elastics to help get the job done! I also like to use Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair if need be, this product is great for anyone who has thin, less voluminous hair. I simply sprinkle some at the top of my head and use a comb to “backcomb” and create volume. I swear you’ll love this product if you try it! I also like to secure everything with a few sprays of the Oribe hairspray.

Simple Half Up Hair Down:
This look is the starting point for almost all (except one) of the simple hairstyles I’ll be featuring in this blog post! This tends to be my most used, go-to look. I like to put my hair half up because it allows me to feel somewhat put together (or at least like I tried), keeps the hair out of my face, and also lets me wear some of it down.

Simple Half Up Messy Bun: 
This hairstyle is a favorite of mine. It’s really easy! I simply brush out my hair and use one elastic to hold my hair half up and then I use a second elastic to create a small bun. Pull hair through/tighten as needed. Simple!

Simple Half Up Braid:
Again, my hair starts with half of it up, and an elastic to secure. I then take the rest of the half up pony and braid it and secure with another elastic at the end. Super simple!

Simple French Braid:
When I feel like putting all of my hair up, I often go for this look. You’ll see the below photos that I start by using an elastic to tie my hair half up. I then pull in the rest of the hair and braid as I go. This keeps all of my shorter top layers from falling out! I use another elastic at the end to tie everything together. Again, super simple!

Simple Low Bun With Braid:
I love using this style when I don’t want my hair hanging down, but I want to keep it looking effortless and simple. I use an elastic to tie off a simple braid along the crown of my head (on one side only) and then pull the hair into a low bun and use a larger elastic to secure a messy bun. Easy, simple, and cute!


If you enjoyed this blog post and want to see similar posts on what I do to simplify – let me know in the comment section below 🙂


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