Baby It’s Cold Outside + Happy New Year

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Brrrr! It’s been a frigid -20 or so in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula these days! Winter is definitely here to stay and I can see the ice starting to form on Lake Superior (that’s when you know it’s super cold). The cold weather lasted right through Christmas and is pouring into the New Year. I’m really really hoping it will warm up so that I can get the dogs and Rowan outside for some fresh air more often…it’s just too cold for a baby, little dog paws, and for me! I typically enjoy winter but not these frigid temps. Dusty’s brother Dakota visited for Christmas from Arizona. He walked off the plane and into a 70-degree temperature difference! Talk about weather shock! Dusty is originally from Arizona but has lived most of the last 15 years or so in Michigan to play hockey. I’ve lived my whole life in northern Michigan, so I am used to lots of snow and cold. While Dusty’s brother Dakota was visiting we drove out to Presque Isle, a little peninsula that sticks out into Lake Superior. The area has gorgeous views of the lake and of nature – we saw a herd of deer! I had Dusty snap a few photos of me wearing the coziest boots I’ve ever worn. These beauties are Bearpaw brand boots and from 6PM! I got these specific boots – and I LOVE them. I’ve been wearing them nonstop in this frigid weather. I also really like this pair and this pair.

How are you keeping warm this winter? Lots of saunas (pronounced sow-na);-), warm boots, and coffee for us over here!

First – a quick photo of the three of us 🙂

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