10×10 Style Challenge

SO, how does the 10×10 style challenge work you ask? Well, the goal is to choose 10 items from your closet, create 10 looks, and wear them 10 days straight. Most might read that and think – how does that generate creativity – you’re so limited? But the point is to think outside the box and get creative. To imagine the items you already own, in a new way.

Anyone can try it out! If you’re a professional going to work every day, a stay at home mom, student, etc. Here are the rules and some tips to help you get started.

1) Only 10 items, this includes tops, bottoms, and shoes. Some people like to consider shoes an accessory. Up to you!
2) You can use unlimited accessories to help jazz things up.
3) Mix and match the 10 items you’ve chosen to create 10 looks…for 10 days. No cheating! Aside from your undergarments and any camisoles, no adding items!


  • Pick things that will mix and match well together.
  • Consider complimentary colors, patterns, and textures.
  • When you select an item, envision how it will match or “layer” well with another item.
  • Select bottoms that are multifunctional – i.e. a classy pair of black denim jeans (without tears) can be worn perhaps to work, and out for the evening.
  • Consider items that serve a dual purpose, i.e. can be dressed up or down with the simple change of accessories.

Are you with me? Make sure to leave a comment and let me know if you’re going to give this a try! I promise it’ll be worth it. I’ll be sharing my looks daily on my Instagram stories and on Facebook.


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