Family Footwear from DSW

Winter is here – but not by the looks of it in these photos! That’s because these images were snapped shortly before a snowstorm hit our area. If I were to snap the photos today, there would be well over a foot of snow! I was happy to be able to snag these images of Rowan and me when we did because if I were to try to get some of him and I outside right now, he’d look a lot like the little boy on the movie A Christmas Story, all bundled up and unable to move.

I love that the photos show him standing. He’s not quite walking without hanging on to something yet but he’s getting there! He will push around a toddler walker that plays music and he can pretty much use it at and run at the same time…as soon as we take it away he gets upset and plops down on his butt. Slowly but surely he’s gaining confidence with it. I’m sure we’ll have him walking unassisted in the New Year! At what age was your toddler walking? I feel like it really ranges – I know some babies who walked and took first steps as early as 8 months old – wowzers! Rowan was a late bloomer with crawling but once he got going he didn’t stop, I think the same will be true for walking. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this last year, it’s that babies will do what babies want to do when they are ready. There’s no rushing their development or slowing it down.

To help Rowan learn to walk, especially outside, we’ve loved the Stride Rite shoes from DSW! They have the best grippy bottoms and the sole comes right up over the toes to help prevent scuffing and protect his little toes. He loves his shoes and helping to put them on are his favorite thing! We also love that they are velcro, way easier than trying to tie them up! I really like this pair and this pair right now.

In this blog post, I’m wearing boots from DSW by Sperry! I love the detail of these particular boots – the zipper up the side, the spiral laces, the buckle, and of course – the colors! DSW has a lot of beautiful women’s boots for the winter season. You can check them out by clicking here. I’m really loving this pair and this pair and have had my eye on them.

This blog post was sponsored by DSW, all thoughts and opinions are my own, thank you for supporting the amazing brands that I work with!

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