A Need For Change

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As the new year approaches so does my need for change. And what I mean… is a change of pace. This last year has been extremely busy and while I’ve enjoyed Rowan in all the first year wonder that a new baby, now toddler brings…I look back on 2017 and one word comes to the forefront of my mind….exhaustion. Dusty is rounding out his third year of medical school and will be entering the fourth year shortly. We are ecstatic for this transition because with it comes a month here and there where his schedule is what we would consider “slow”. We will actually get to spend weekends together as a family. One of the tough parts about being the spouse of a medical student is that the demands of their schedules bring a lot of inconvenience and absence. Missed family dinners, studying through the holidays, studying in the evenings, studying on the weekends…studying ALL. of. the. time. knowing that the “school” part of this is ending soon gets us excited…I know that residency will also bring its own challenges…but to be finishing up the school portion of this ride will allow us to take a big sigh of relief. Our goal as a family for 2018 is to refresh, re-energize, and really savor those family dinners and the weekends that we’ve been missing out on. We look forward to taking life a little more slowly when time allows and enjoy the transition.

In the photos below I am wearing a new and beautiful wool sweater from Zappos! The brand is Toad&Co and I love their clothing. Not only is the brand eco-friendly, but a portion of each sale goes to help people with developmental disabilities. Seriously! They love people and the planet! What’s better than that? The wool sweater I am wearing in the photo below is SO warm…I wore it on a cold frosty winter morning with a long sleeve shirt underneath and was still so warm. The red really stray from my typical color scheme….but I think that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. I’m always looking for cozy coverups to add to my capsule wardrobe…the quality of this garment makes it a lifelong addition. Yay!

This post is sponsored by Zappos, thank you for supporting the brands that I work with!

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  1. Kay Bammert wrote:

    Fashionable and warm – just what a woman in our neck of the woods wants and needs! Praying you, Dusty & Rowan have a blessed and refreshing 2018.

    Posted 12.12.17 Reply