The Season of Giving

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It’s the holiday season and with it comes the opportunity to think about the ways in which we all give and bless others. Unfortunately, it seems that when our culture and society think of “giving” our minds almost immediately go to lavish, expensive gifts wrapped in pretty red bows and placed under a Christmas tree. I tend to believe that the best gift one can give is the gift of time and love, because what is more precious than those two things? True sacrifice begins with giving your time and energy, and the byproduct is a loving heart.

There are a lot of things that come to mind when we think about what values we want to instill in Rowan. He may only be just shy of 14 months but he’s already showing affection and sensitivity and love of others. Even if he doesn’t know how to identify these feelings yet…we can see them forming in his mind…and heart.

Over the next handful of years, there are a lot of things that we hope to help Rowan understand as it pertains to what the holiday season really means. Of course, there are fun things like Santa, Elf on the Shelf (jury is out on this one) and other traditions that will bring excitement and the thrill of the season into our lives. However, Dusty and I have already agreed that when Rowan is old enough we’ll be looking for opportunities for our family to volunteer during the holidays…whether that be at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, buying food and toys for another family, or some other need in the community.  It’s important to us that Rowan learns that the holiday season is more about giving than getting…that the true joy of the holidays comes into our hearts when we put others before ourselves.We want him to know that sort of joy.  The joy that comes from sacrificing one’s own comfort and desires in order to help others.

What holiday traditions around giving to others has your family adopted over the years? We’d truly love to hear them!

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This blog post was sponsored by Be Good, thank you for supporting the brands that I collaborate with! 

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