Update on Gus and Reo, Our Fur Babies

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I feel like I rarely mention Gus and Reo when I write blog posts lately. It isn’t that they are just a side thought – or not a significant part of our lives. They are actually very much integrated into the whole “new baby,” “growing family” situation we’ve got going on. There are some days, however, when at 8:00 p.m. I’ve gotten the sad puppy eyes, realizing I forgot to get them dinner two hours prior. Whoops. It happens…And sometimes they don’t always get a walk every day. They are troopers and the most forgiving creatures imaginable. Even though a little 20+ lb. human has taken the spotlight around our home, they continue to be the sweetest, most gentle companions. They love Rowan and are always careful when they are around him. On the weekend when I go to get Rowan from his nap, they are at my heels ready to greet him. Rowan squeals and shrieks in the most thrilled way imaginable. The love is mutual. And it makes my heart extremely happy. While Gus was our first fur-baby and Reo our second…we’ve always spoiled them a little bit….errr ok, a lot. And we still do!

I always like to get them the very best…which includes treats, toys, and dog food. I always find myself racing to the pet aisle at the grocery store to make sure I pick them up a special treat. Lately, I’ve been trying to cut my grocery shopping trip time in half. Why, you ask? Because I usually have Rowan with me and, let’s be real, a 3+ hour shopping trip just isn’t in the cards for us anymore. I need to think more strategically when I do my grocery shopping and I find myself racing through the aisles at Walmart—a one-stop shop. It’s a place where I can snag everything I need quickly and at the best and lowest cost possible (med-school budget ova here peeps).

Recently, I’ve found that Gus and Reo really love Nature’s Recipe dog food that I buy from Walmart. So naturally, when the opportunity came knocking to share about this dog food they love, I couldn’t pass it up. Aside from the fact that they love the dog food, the convenience of snagging it while I am making my Walmart run is SO nice.

Nature’s Recipe contains high-quality protein and does not contain corn, wheat or soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. They also contain no poultry by-product meal, and they provide a lot of ‘Grain-Free’ options, which is another plus. My dogs like it when I switch things up on them. One week I’ll do chicken, the next salmon, and if I switch it up often, they always seem to be interested and satisfied (I may or may not add some cooked meat on top too) – but I did say they were spoiled!

Our family dog was visiting with my parents the weekend Gus and Reo tried out Nature’s Recipe, Grain Free – Real Salmon and loveddd it! Good thing they all share well…they took turns with the dish 🙂 Best buds!

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Recipe at Walmart, thank you for supporting the brands that I collaborate with!

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