Capsule Wardrobe: Step 2 + Find Common Themes

You’ve made it to Step 2 of creating a capsule wardrobe! This step along with step 3 (coming soon) are my favorite parts of the capsule wardrobe process…both allow me to start realizing the control I have over the clutter that was once my disorganized closet. Things are feeling less chaotic and I’m starting to notice trends and themes!

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Find Themes
Remember that favorites pile? Go back to that pile and start placing items from it into the following categories.
Have a lot of t-shirts? Start a t-shirt category. Have a lot of cable knit sweaters? Start a cable knit sweater category. Have a lot of distressed denim? Start a distressed denim category. Own a lot of stripes? Start a stripes category. Place these items in nicely folded mini-piles where you can see them. Once you have things categorized – look at the colors you’ve acquired and seem drawn to. Lots of purple and red? Or are you like me and have mostly grey and black? Either way, you’ll start to notice some really obvious trends, both in colors, materials, and patterns.

Document the Themes
Take out a pen and notebook or journal and write down the themes that you see. What are you missing? What do you have too much of? What do you wish you could wear more often if only you had other things to combine and coordinate it with? Asking yourself these questions allows you to start a shopping list.

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