The Adventures of Summer

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It definitely has been feeling like late summer in the mid-west. The clouds are starting to take on a more full and hovering look. The coolness of the night is evident each morning as wet dew drops cover everything. The zucchini’s in our garden are ready for harvest, and butternut squash are starting to appear on the vine, soon there will be pumpkins too. Fall is near and it’s as if mother nature is preparing for its arrival just as much as we are. I am excited to share these photos and our recent Copper Harbor trip experience with you, sponsored by Zappos!

Around this time last year, I remember feeling and sensing the same change in the weather and the transition in seasons, summer to fall. I felt like my body, which was massively pregnant at the time – 8 months to be exact, was moving right along with mother nature. The preparation for fall and winter…my body in preparation for labor and birth. (How am I going to be having a one-year-old soon?) 

In a hurry to get all we can in while there is no snow on the ground – we made a trip up to Copper Harbor to see my parents at our family cabin – one that we’ve had since I was in 6th grade – it’s what I like to call, my happy place. Every time we visit, we make sure to make the drive up the winding road to the top of Brockway Mountain, to watch the sunset. It’s a favorite pastime of ours and we were so excited to bring Rowan for his very first time.

When we adventure as a family, I always look for easy to carry bags or backpacks that I can quickly put my wallet, phone, and some items for Rowan in. Some days we need a full out diaper bag, and then other times we just need a quick grab and go carry-all. In my photos, I am sharing a lovely backpack by Baggallini from Zappos. The specific bag I am carrying is the Baggallini Gold Brussels Laptop Backpack. As a working mom and someone who enjoys an adventure with her family…this backpack is perfect. I can use it for work and play (or a little bit of both). Numerous pockets, a safe space for my laptop, wallet, phone, diapers, extra clothes – you name it. I can fit pretty much anything and everything I need in this backpack. It’s nice to know there is a bag out there that can accommodate life’s journey.

We loved how Rowan would point out into the sky and make “oooh ohhh ohh!” noises…the fresh air and higher altitude made his goofy side come out (or maybe it was because being out to catch the sunset meant we were well past his bed time) either way, he loved it. And we enjoyed the experience with him! Not to mention – his hair kills me in these photos.

This post is sponsored by Zappos – thank you for supporting the organizations and businesses that I collaborate with!  

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