Ask Dusty and Sam No. 2

Dusty and I will regularly answer questions submitted by readers! You can submit your questions by clicking here. It’s something we’ve always wanted to make time to do, we started it a few years back and life just got away from us (story of our lives). My hope is we’ll keep this up – but we need your help submitting good questions for us to answer!

What has it been like living with someone who is in Medical School?

Sam: My guess is this question is for me. So I’ll answer. It’s been rough and very challenging at times. There have been seasons where we barely see one another and when I have had to solo parent a new baby. We knew this journey would be really tough. And there are times when we didn’t realize just HOW tough it would actually be. The hours Dusty has to commit to school are long and arduous. I admire Dusty so much for the hard work he puts into his schooling…and how hard he works to make as much time as he can for his family. Our relationship and marriage have been challenged in more ways than one…while we’ve stumbled along the way…we realize that we’ve become better communicators, better servants of one another’s needs, and better friends.

Of all the recipes on the blog, which is your favorite?

Sam: I have to say my favorite still to date would be either the Sweet Potatoe, Corn and Kale Soup, or the Turkey Lettuce Wraps. They are still regulars on our weekly menu!

Dusty: Steak.

Do you have nicknames for each other? If so, how were they developed?

Sam: haha, no…I don’t think I do – come to think of it…however, sometimes I call him Dust vs Dusty.

Dusty: Fart-tart or honey.


What’s your favorite thing to do on Date Night?

Sam: Date night has changed a lot for us in the past 10 months. Since welcoming our son Rowan into the family almost a year ago…and with Dusty’s busy schedule….date night sometimes means all three of us. We don’t get enough time together as a family…so we try to just do things that Rowan can come and experience/enjoy with us. Being around Rowan…seems to bring us closer as a husband and wife (mother and father)…when we do get a rare occasion out just the two of us…we typically do things Rowan wouldn’t be able to come and do. i.e. movies, golfing, a play etc… (few of our favorites).

Dusty: Long romantic walks down every aisle in Target and if we can squeeze it in…Pier 1.


How are you balancing a busy med school schedule and spending time as a couple or with family, friends, etc… Any advice on how to cope with the insanity that is med school?

Sam: When it was just Dusty and I, we didn’t need to “balance” much of anything…while there were hard moments…the hardest parts have now been since Rowan’s been born. He demands more of our time and energy…and there is always this feeling like we are going to miss out on something as a family. We do a pretty good job balancing it…but it never feels perfect – and probably never will.

Dusty: Over-communication about your schedule, expectations, and what one everyone needs – is key.


What’s your favorite part about living in the Upper Peninsula?

Dusty:  The four seasons, the down to earth people and the easy access to nature.

Sam: As Dusty said, Hands down the people and the seasons!


How do you deal with Sams love for potatoes?

Dusty: I help her to grow and cultivate that love in anyway that I can.

Sam: (hah!) he’s not lying, no judgment when I go back for seconds.


Who was all involved in your wedding? Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring Bearers?

Sam: So, I am sort of embarrassed to say, but we had a big…and I mean BIG, wedding party. Nine bridesmaids, nine groomsmen. My bridesmaids were a mix of longtime high school friends and cousins….Dusty’s was a mix of good friends he’s had all through his high school and college years. We had two flower girls, who were cousins of mine, and then two “ring bearers” one was a cousin of mine and one was a cousin of Dusty’s.


When are you planning on another little addition to your family!


Dusty: Sooner than later.

Sam: Easy Dust, no…we aren’t sure…I still feel a little shell-shocked from having Rowan 🙂 we’d like another…timing unsure! We also have considered adoption in the future.


What is one thing about being married that you will never tire of?

Dusty: Having someone that you are writing your story of life with and always knowing what is waiting for me at the end of my drive home.

Sam: His goofy side – the way he makes me laugh, the way he balances my more type “A” personality…and his super positive outlook on life.


Congrats you two, 6 years, wow! My question is: what does life look like on your 10 year anniversary?

Dusty: More addition(s) to the family, finishing residency and starting a practice, chasing and spending time with the kids.  A continued pursuit for the proper way to lower the toilet seat and find a solution to the timeless problem of watered down coffee.

Sam: (ok, he’s odd – and why put an “s” on additions?) So, 4 years from now…yes…maybe another baby…maybe two…but not sure. I had a pretty hard pregnancy with Rowan – sick, nauseated 24/7…I know it’s not as bad as some…but maybe worse than most? Either way – it was tough! So…number two is going to set the tone there. I’d basically echo Dusty with him being finishing up residency and starting a practice. Rowan will be 4+ years old by then…(wow) and we’ll be looking at school for him and hopefully be home owners by then!

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