A Big Personality & Some Pretty Shoes

Rowan will be turning 9 months old in just a little over a week…to say his personality is starting to really pop would be an understatement (hence the below photos). He’s learning to mimic a lot of what Dusty and I do  – from expressions to trying to say words through cute noises, shrieks, and screeches, and he isn’t afraid to share his disdain for diaper and clothing changes – which are proving to be a challenge given his stronger more wiggly body. He is making sure we know when he’s mad and upset by vocalizing it for all the world to hear, and he now knows how to drop things on the floor from his highchair (and the dogs aren’t complaining).

Sometimes it terrifies me to think of how he will be at 1, 2 and even 3 years old. We had a mother of four tell us not too long ago that she thinks that children skip terrible two’s and go right into what she called “threenager” (aka three + teenager). Yikes! Just the other day in Target I saw a woman (who was pregnant) chasing (waddling) after her toddler down an aisle yelling “Leo, get back here!!!” sweat was pouring down her face and she was not happy. I almost stepped in to help but noticed the child was quickly intercepted by a kind gentleman. In the same shopping trip, I also witnessed a father carrying a screaming and kicking toddler out of the toy aisles – when I say screaming and kicking I feel like that’s an understatement…posessed, arm and leg flailing creature of the day feels more appropriate. After my Target trip I then swung into the grocery store for one last purchase where I witnessed another tiny being darting from her grandma’s reach toward the men’s bathroom – the frantic grandmother chased after  the little girl – thankfully the door handle was a wee bit too high…allowing grandma to be the victor in the race. I quietly whispered to Rowan, “We aren’t going to do those things when you get bigger – ok?”  (knowing full well I’ll be a sweating, red faced disaster at Target in the not so distant future). We are well aware that Rowan will have a big personality – because the apple likely doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Dusty and I aren’t necessarily quiet people. Navigating his big personality should be interesting…and probably difficult to say the least. I’d love any mommy advice my lovely readers might have on handling little boys – with big personalities! Please share in the comments below (seriously – please share!)

Underneath this big personality is a little boy with such a sweet and honest heart…I see his sweetness in the way he loves his doggies and looks for them all of the time, the way his eyes light up when Dadda walks into the room after work, how his excited feet and hands get wiggling when he sees the kiddie pool being filled up outside, the way he bobs up and down dancing to my awful singing voice, and the way he gets SO excited when sweet potatoes or prunes are making their way to his highchair!

There is so much joy in watching him grow, even through the stubborn – big personality moments. I am sure I’ll be sharing more about them on the blog in the not so distant future.

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