Summer Essentials for Babies

1. Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent ($16.68): We bought this and love it so far! I spray it on the stroller when we go for a walk and it seems to keep any bugs away. So far so good!

2. Adorable Baby Stick Sunscreen ($11.40): Great for on the go non-messy application!

3. Adorable Baby Sunscreen ($37.99): This was a top sunscreen on a recent comparison chart of baby sunscreens. It was tested for chemicals and SPF accuracy – another, so far so good product!

4. UPF 50+ Sunhat ($14.99): One of our friends shared this sunhat with us, and we love it! It has a little drawstring that can tighten to fit whatever size noggin your baby has!

5. Automatic Pop Up Tent ($35.99): This has come in handy when we are out in the garden during the day, or at the beach, it's a great little pop-up tent that you can pack up and bring anywhere!

6. Speckaboo Spiral Sunglasses Cord ($8.00): These worked great for a while until Rowan realized he could still pull them off.

7. Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitcicle ($13.94): For a cool summer treat! Breast-milk-cicles đŸ˜‰ 

8. Beau & Belle Reusable Swim Diaper ($15.47): We've been using this adorable swim diaper with multiple buttons to grow as he does. We love it!

9. Picnic Time Blanket/Carrying Case ($25.99): The same friend that suggested the sunhat also suggested this (she's pretty fantastic – heyyy Natalie!) This blanket is great for easy carrying, folding back up, and wiping clean after each use. It is awesome to have in the back of your car for quick park stops and picnics.

10. Sunshade Water Floaty ($24.99): A friend gifted this to us and we haven't had a chance to use it – just yet…we can't wait to try it at the lake sometime soon!




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