Mackinac Island in Mom Shoes

Earlier in the month, over Mother's Day weekend, Dusty, Rowan and I stayed on Mackinac Island. Dusty and I have always loved visiting Mackinac Island, but haven't had a chance to go there over the last few years. We've just been too busy…but now that the island is closer to us, we had to make a quick weekend getaway. It was fun to visit this year with Rowan in tow. He was a trooper – and did so well! The weather was wonderful, 65 degrees and sunny! This is my favorite type of weather because you can dress cozy without sweating, but it is warm enough out that you don't have to bundle up. We enjoyed walking all over the island and Rowan loved being in the stroller and seeing everyone and everything! He sure loves the busyness of life going on around him (although, you can't tell by the seriousness in his face in the below pic – haha!)  

I had a hard time figuring out what to pack for the island because I wanted to dress cute and fun, but also comfortable and realistic. Mom life has changed me when it comes to deciding on what to wear. I appreciate a good fitting pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. However, since this was a special occasion I wanted to dress "up" a little bit more. I decided to bring along this super cozy, long, rust-colored cardigan from Nordstrom – you can shop similar ones here, here and here. I still managed to slip a comfortable t-shirt into the look – it is one of my favorites from Target – you can get a similar one here, herehere, and here. I also picked up these brown moto jeans from Zara last fall and no sooner I purchased them the big ole baby bump that was then Rowan…decided to make a HUGE appearance and I couldn't wear them – I also noticed that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was also wearing them recently – so I consider them a pretty good style choice on my part! You can find similar ones here and here. My shoes are c/o Latigo and they are available HERE. These babies are SO so so so comfortable. I can't even begin to explain how comfortable they are. And momma needs to keep the heel low and the cushion comfy these days. I've pretty much ditched all of my high heeled shoes and now only purchase wedges, thick heels, or flats. My sunglasses are vintage (bought them from a St. Vinnie's) but you can get similar ones here, here, or here. And you can find Rowan's stroller here.

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