Baby’s First Cold

Rowan had his first head cold about two months ago. It was heartbreaking. I think it was harder on me than it was him. Hearing his congestion, the nasal stuffiness at night, the occasional coughing fits….it was enough to drive this mom crazy with worry. Thankfully…it was just a cold and didn't amount to much more. No fever. No medication needed…whew! Since this was his first cold…Dusty and I were in a flurry of questions and naturally…concerns. We wanted to help our little guy out…to help him breathe easier, feel better, and get a good nights sleep. Instantly…I called our Pediatrician's office, we started researching on Google, and soliciting advice from friends. Here are products we now swear by when it comes to helping your little one feel better more quickly when they have a cold. 

(Please do not take this as medical advice. If your little one has any symptoms that concern you, please contact his/her Pediatrician immediately – we did this too! It's important to rule out that the symptoms are not a more important issue.)

Nose Frida
This item was a life saver for us. I tried the little bulb booger sucker…and had no luck. I took out the Nose Frida, which we had been gifted at one of our baby showers…and it was amazing. Rowan had so much relief when we used it. It's my swear by it item for when baby gets a cold. Nothing is worse than listening to your little one try to breathe through boogers and nose congestion.

Little Remedies Saline Nose Drops
These saline drops were fantastic as we also needed to soften the boogers that were constantly crusted in Rowan's nose. The saline drops allowed us to get more with the Nose Frida. 

The humidifier was helpful in keeping Rowan from getting a dry throat and waking up in coughing fits. I'd put it near his crib and on full blast…it put just enough moisture in the air around him.​

Baby Armpit Thermometer
This isn't the thermometer we used – but it's the one I want! I am pretty much sold on all things FridaBaby. 

Halo Sleep Sack
When Rowan had gotten sick, he was still young enough to have his arms swaddled so we to help keep him comforted we made sure to swaddle him nice and snug…this Halo Sleep Sack was our go-to. We still use it but with the arms unswaddled. We love it – and so does Rowan!

MyBaby Sound Spa
This little gem of a sound machine has been irreplaceable. It has a lot of different settings – but we use the white noise machine most. You can set the volume level and it's easy to turn on and off. This helped keep Rowan in his rem sleep cycle…which is so important. Not to mention it helped muffle noise from Dusty and I talking or getting into bed at night when he was already sleeping.

Soothie Pacifier
Rowan couldn't really use the pacifier once his nose was clogged up…but when his nose became less stuffy, he found comfort using these pacifiers. 

What items have you found to be irreplaceable when it comes to your kiddos colds, flu, and other illnesses? We've only had to face this once so far and know more sickness is on the horizon for Rowan as he gets older…we'd love any tips and ideas you might have found helpful when your little one has been sick!


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