Aveda Winter Products to Love

I've been thoroughly enjoying a handful of Aveda products this winter. I love everything about them! Below is a little recap of each product and why I love it!

Candrima body moisturizer: Smells amaaazzzzing, love how it feels going on, and it isn't thick and greasy. I especially love applying it all over my arms and shoulders so that I can smell the scent all day!

Candrima body cleanser: Like the moisturizer, the scent of the cleanser is awesome. I love it so much that I hate to "waste" it so I use it on my upper body only!

Rosemary mint body polish: Winter means dry skin for me… this body polish contains the smallest amount of micro-beads, and contains a great rosemary and mint smell that awakens my skin. I love using it in the morning!

Rosemary mint body oil: This body oil can be used in the bath, directly to the skin, and as a scalp rub. Similar in scent to the body polish, this oil is invigorating and also soothing.

Consider shopping my other favorite Aveda products below!

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