Our Car Seat and Stroller Combo

One of the biggest and most daunting decisions when planning for the arrival of a baby was what car seat and stroller combo to go with. We wanted something we knew would be safe yet comfortable for our little guy….I also wanted something a tad stylish – it took a lot of searching and reviewing to come up with this car seat and stroller combo. In the end, we decided to go with the Maxi-Cosi Max 30 car seat in the color "devoted black" and we LOVE it. It is light-weight and takes minimal effort to snap in and out of the car seat base. For the stroller, we went with the Quinny Buzz Xtr – this stroller is so versatile…the big rear tires allow us to use it just about anywhere (even in the snow – as you can see!) We live out in a wooded area and have also used it on gravel and sandy roads. When I was reviewing the details for the stroller and saw "rugged all-terrain stroller" I knew it had to be ours… The car seat snaps on and off the stroller base, and the stroller came with a toddler seat that we will use when Rowan gets a little bit bigger – probably this spring when he is able to sit up on his own. I also snagged one of these cup holders (and then another) a mom needs a cup holder for coffee and water – of course!

Of course, Rowan loves his car seat, car rides, and basically any sort of movement. Going for walks saved my sanity in the early weeks of having at home with us. When he was cranky and crying and I needed a break I would just snuggle him up in his car seat, hook it up to the stroller…and away we'd go…he would typically fall asleep within a few minutes and could end up sleeping for a couple of hours…providing me with a much-needed break! It seems pretty common that most babies LOVE car rides and stroller rides…the movement must mimic life in the womb. As Rowan has gotten a bit older and more aware it is harder to get him to fall asleep in his car seat…but that doesn't keep him from enjoying the motion that typically comes along with it!


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