Mumsie + My Maternity Moisturizer

Pregnancy doesn't just take a toll on you emotionally it also takes a toll on you physically. Every ounce of my body was affected during pregnancy and now that our little one has made his entrance into the world it is still working hard to heal since birth. I've always been a big proponent of moisturizing my skin. I feel it's the number one thing that keeps it healthy and feeling great (also drinking lots of water)! I like to try different moisturizers from time to time and always look for products that have natural ingredients. During the third trimester I was able to try two moisturizing products by Mumsie Naturals. And I love them! 

Daily Facial Moisturizer
What I love most about this moisturizer is that it has SPF 15 which helped to not only hydrate my skin but also protect it during those final months of pregnancy when my skin felt super sensitive to the sun. 

Lifting & Firming Night Cream
When you're pregnant…the words "lifting and firming" sound glorious…you know that after the little bebe makes it's exist you'll be left with less than flattering "flabby skin". I became super swollen with edema during the end of my pregnancy…and of course…the stretch marks made their appearance on my torso during weeks 37-40. I applied the Mumsie Lifting & Firming Night Cream to not only my face but to my stomach and spots on my hips/thighs. 



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