Third Trimester Style With Kimi & Kai

I am rolling (literally) through the third trimester – 36 weeks this week! Holy moly. Time is sure flying by. The third trimester hasn't been the best…I've had some minor nausea creep in during the evening hours, my back hurts, my hips hurt, my pelvis hurts, it all freakinggg hurts. This big baby boy will be a welcomed delivery in the next few weeks (if he stays in hotel uterus that long). Some days I feel like he could come at any moment…the pressure is insane! His movements are becoming so very strong and mighty and his hiccups are no longer little taps on the side of my belly but instead cause my whole stomach to shake with each little hiccup. My body has been craving protein – meat, meat, and more meat. I've never been a huge meat fan…but lately – red meat, such as steak, tends to be my go to. 

While food has been on my mind (a lot) – so has trying to find comfortable yet fashionable ways to continue styling the extra large third trimester bump. I recently recieved two beautiful items (the other coming in another blog post soon) from Kimi and Kai that have been fashion-saving additions to my maternity wardrobe. The two items make me feel good about fashion when I literally want to just lay around in gym shorts and oversized t-shirts. It can be really hard to dress the bump during the third trimester. 

The first item I received was this super comfortable Kimi and Kai Aleiagh Fit & Flare Maternity Dress. I've worn it throughout the third trimester and love that I can add leggings, skinny jeans, or just wear it as a dress alone. Either of the three ways have worked really well – but what I can't get over is how comfortable it is. And typically, print on a maternity dress is not the most flattering, but that was so not the case with this lovely number. The floral print is very charming and the high empire-waist bodice keeps things feminine and pretty. I also appreciate the longer sleeves and the v-neck (that isn't too low) is a nice touch.

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If you are on the hunt for some great quality maternity clothing items I recommend visiting all of the lovely options Kimi and Kai have.

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