Tresemmé Reverse System from Meijer

I recently had the opportunity to partner with TRESsemé and try out their new Reverse System hair care line courtesy of Meijer. My hair texture is more coarse and carries a lot of volume on its own, so I tend to stray from products that say things like "volumizing". When I received the TRESsemé Reverse System line in the mail I was a tad hesitant when I saw the words "beauty-full volume" across the bottles. Much to my surprise, the products didn't overdo it with the volume and it kept my mostly coarse mane feeling smooth and soft.  

Step 1: I took a shower and washed my hair with their shampoo. It left my hair feeling soft and very clean. I like to use dry-shampoo which can create a lot of build up in my roots, but the shampoo seemed to help break up the product I had used the day before and gave me a fresh clean feel.

Step 2: I am a tough when it comes to judging conditioner and while this one wouldn't be my favorite I have ever tried, it paired nicely with the shampoo and didn't leave my hair feeling greasy to weighted down…instead, it did just the opposite. Giving me shine, softness and volume!

tresemme-16 tresemme-4

Step 3: I've never been one to use mousse and so trying this in my roots was really eye-opening. My hair had a little more "root lift" which I usually have to create by using a lot of hairspray or teasing. *applause applause * to TRESsemmé's reverse system mousse!

tresemme-5 tresemme-8
Step 4: After using the mousse (while my hair was still damp) I massaged in a small blob (quarter size or smaller) of the hair maximizer. It smoothed my hair cuticles and helped to make my blow out feel salon quality…minus my ability to make it look that great (my arm gets so sore and I can't use the round brush to save my life)! 

tresemme-12 tresemme-14

Step 5: The final step was styling my hair of course and then using the flexible finish hairspray. It lives up to its name! It held in the curls that I quickly put into my hair but didn't make my hair feel crunchy or sticky. It also allowed me to continue to use my fingers to style and shape different curls around my face – holding them in place! I was able to toss my hair around and run my fingers through it without losing curl! 

tresemme-17 tresemme-20

** Thank you to the post sponsor, Meijer and TRESsemmé. All opinions in this post are my own and I received a lovely gift card in exchange for promotion to shop at Meijer** 

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