Baby Collins – Arriving in October 2016

Dusty and I are excited to announce that we will be expecting Baby Collins in October of this year! We are thrilled and spilled the long awaited secret to friends and family over Easter weekend. We used the photo below to share the announcement on our personal Facebook. You may also have caught it on Instagram. For many friends/family "Finally" and "It's about time!" was their response to our announcement – and rightfully so, after 4+ years of marriage…the anticipation was high from those closest to us. And alas…here we are! Ready to dive in and embark on this journey of parenthood. And what a ride it will be!

I am 13 weeks on the button today, Thursday March 31. And I am finally feeling good. I had a pretty rough first tri-mester (a future blog post to come soon). One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much at all was due to the fact that I felt like complete crap for a long time and I couldn't stare at a computer screen for longer than I had to. Making my 8 hour work day rough as it was, leaving no time for evening blogging like I once did. But now that things are on the up and up and Baby Collins has decided to be-friend Ms. Placenta…my body no longer feels like the life is being sucked out of it. Yahoo! 

About the photo below. Gus and Reo were troopers for this photo. Reo was terrified of the small little chalk board sign. I swear he thought it was going to grow fangs and bite him. Gus on the otherhand was totally oblivious to what was happening and wanted to watch the squirrels that were bounding in the tree tops behind us. All-in-all it took about 20 minutes to nail this shot. But we did it! 

The photo below didn't make the announcement – but it was a close close second to the one above. We snapped this one inside before going outside. Sharing it on the blog seems to make the most sense…their expressions are priceless. Again, you can see the terror in Reo's eyes/face as he does his best to stay as far away from the sign as possible. Gus is all chill. Their personalities in all its glory, coming out in this one birth announcement. 


On a side note, I think Gus and Reo will be great with the baby. Reo loves babies/kids and Gus will toss in a few licks and then could care less. One big happy family we will become October.

Stay tuned for more craziness on Baby Collins coming soon!

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