Sweater Style on Rainbow Row in Charleston

One of my favorite places to visit in Charleston was Rainbow Row…so naturally I had Dusty snap some photos of me strolling down the sidewalks. While the homes are gorgeous…I can't imagine living in one myself…simply because this little strip of homes is subject to being tourism central all year long…i.e. little nosey individuals like myself slowly walk down the sidewalk admiring the windows, doors, and architecture not realizing that just beyond the walls someone is sleeping, showering, preparing breakfast and trying to live their life. I can't imagine dealing with that each day…although I am sure they are used to it by now! Read more about our Charleston trip by clicking HERE.

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Sweater // Madewell
Boots // Guess (TJ Maxx) {similar}
Purse // Steve Madden {similar}
Jeans // Hudson Elysian Denim 

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