Exploring Savannah

I recently blogged about our time in Charleston, SC which we stopped and visited enroute to Savannah, GA (final destination Punta Gorda, FL) whew! It was quite a trek. But well worth it! Dusty and I had a wonderful time and Savannah did not disappoint. The history wasn't nearly as abundant as it was in Charleston, but it was gorgeous, and had enough history to keep us entertained for a full day of . One of the highlights was visiting Forsyth Park and the fountain that graces the center of it. I felt like I had stepped back in time and was walking around in a Gone With the Wind novel. The trees…the streets…the squares on each block. It was amazing!

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Right next to our hotel we stumbled across an old battlefield from the Revolutionary War. A lot of amazing and sad history happened where we were standing at this site.2015-12-21 14.21.40

Gus and Reo were wonderful travel pups! Reo only got carsick two times…and I realized quickly that the carsickness was stemming from him riding in the backseat and not being able to see out the windows. So…he found a way to sit on my lap for 90% of the trip at this point and loved every minute of it. Reo may or may not have taken his lipstick out in this photo….I'll let you figure that one out. bleh!2015-12-21 14.29.28 trip-2 trip-3 trip-5 trip-6
We also ventured down to the River Walk for lunch.
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Have you visited Savannah before? What were your favorite parts?

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