Our Road Trip Using Dove Products

You may have been following along with our roadtrip on Instagram (or maybe on Snap Chat if you're up for some adventure – username – samanthaecollin). We left Michigan for Florida to spend Christmas with my family, while on the way we stopped and stayed in West Virginia, South Carolina (Charleston) and Georgia (Savannah). We've had a blast so far and I will be sure to blog in more detail about each of our stops and the different things we've enjoyed along the way. 

When you start preparing for a roadtrip there are a lot of things you need to pull together and pack to have a successful and stress free trip. I like the quickness of flying but I enjoy the limited restrictions of driving! 

Dusty and I were gifted a handful or prodcuts from Dove to enjoy on our roadtrip – and we fell in love with them! Dusty has been using the Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Antipersperiant "Clean Comfort". He loves that he can spray it on for quick drying relief and the further south we've traveled the more hot and humid things have gotten – so it comes in handy! He has also been testing out the Degree MotionSense Dry Spray "Fresh Energy" and has been having great results, he sprays some on before heading to the golf course here in Florida and comes back feeling fresh and clean! 

dove-3 dove-1

I've also been been trying out a couple of products from Dove, and realy like their Dove Dry Spray. If there is one thing that makes me ornery when traveling it is feeling sweaty and like I need to shower stat…the heat of the south and the humidity is hard to battle but with the easy to apply and quick drying antipersperant I am happy as a clam 😉 

While the antipersperant was a hit, there is one product that I absoutely love love love LOVE and will use religiously from here on out…let me introduce to you…Dove's Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo. It is colorless, where as some dry shampoos leave a white film on your roots (that only enhance my grey hairs) but not this brand by Dove…It is light and works magic. My hair has been happy as I've used this product between washes.

Me with happy hair 🙂


Are you traveling for Christmas and the holidays? If so, what are some go-to items in your travel bag for personal care?


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