Leather Jacket, Black Denim and Pom Hats

I recently wore this outfit to Ann Arbor with my friend Andrea it was my first time putting the ensemble together and I really liked it! A little "edgy" compared to my normal "look" (cackles to herself – what look?). Sometimes I like to claim I have a "look" but I really don't. 

On another note…Dusty's been studying away, he has two more exams before he is on Christmas break and then we are off to Florida (stopping in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA while enroute)! We are bringing the pups with us. Wish us luck…seriously, we will need lots and lots of luck. I am praying daily…that Reo doesn't throw up in the car. I am hoping having conquered his first year of puppy-hood that he has outgrown the carsickness phase. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

I will be sharing photos along the way, you can read all about it on SnapChat – @samanthaecollin or on Instagram.  

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Jeans // Joe's 
Leather Jacket // Similar
Necklaces // Gorjana
Large stone ring // Alexa Collection
Diamond Band // Simon G
White T-Shirt // Madewell
Boots // Similar
Hat // Urban Outfitters


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