Face: Daily Skin Care Routine

The daily skin care routine for my face start starts with a large glass of fresh lemon water! Always. It's known to aid in digestion, hydrate from the inside out and give you a boost of Vitamin C – which helps promote helathy skin and collagen production! I don't drink it all day…because the acidity in the lemon can cause the enamel of your teeth to erode. So just one medium/large glass in the a.m. is all I need – and this is the start to a good skin care routine! Keep scrolling to see what products I am currently using.



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I try to use as much "natural" product as I can on my face/skin. I don't always succeed, but I do the best I can using the 80/20 rule! I switch out the below routine with other favorites like items from Beauty Counter

1. Bio Elements Measured Micrograins
I love this exfoliator, it has a "clay" like texture that has a spa-like feel to it and it really works well on getting the dirt and make up out of my pores. I use this every other day or every third day and it works wonders for glowing skin!

2. Avdea Purifying Cream Cleanser
This was a new purchase this fall and I am super happy with it! It has a thick creamy texture, which I love for my dry skin. It evens out the oil in my skin so I don't have to worry about being too "patchy" with dry spots. I use this in the mornings and before bed each day!

3. Bio Elements Equalizer Skin Hydrating Toner
I use this hydrating toner from Bio Elements in the morning after a use the Aveda Purfifying Cream Cleanser, I spray it in to my hand first and then massage it into my face and neck. It gives me a fresh "renewed" feeling that I really like. I try to remember to use it daily but sometimes skip a day or two. It balances out my skin big time!

4. Aveda Intense Hydrating Rich Creme
Did I mention I have dry skin the colder months? I do! Sahara desert dry! This intense hydrating creme is the bomb-diggity. I love it. It goes on thick, but not TOO thick, just enough to feel like it's intense moisture but then dries and doesn't feel greasy. I love it.

5. Arbonne Made in the Shade Self-Tanner
I use this self-tanner 2-3 times per week on my face and neck to give myself a "glow", otherwise I am pretty pale and during the winter it is hard to not feel like my face looks washed out. This self-tanner gives me just the glow I need! I haven't been able to find this particular item for sale, I have a feeling Arbonne discontinued it and is making a new line…!! ahhh. However, I think it's safe to say that any Arbonne self-tanner is a good one, especially after the fact that the Made in the Shade Self-Tanner was so great!

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