Our Life in Photos: September & October

This fall season has been a busy one! We’ve been enjoying weather that was nice a warm until about a week ago. Now the true mid-west weather has set in and we’ve had sleet and chilly temps. I didn’t document nearly enough “moments” as I should have. But I hope you enjoy these little highlights of the last couple of months!

Reo and Gus…these two bring such joy to our lives. They seriously have the two cutest personalities. And their brotherly love is too adorable. I snapped this photo one sunny Saturday morning after I had gotten out of bed, had some coffee and went back in to check and see if they were ready to go “pee pee time”, and this is what I found.


I know you aren’t tired of seeing more photos of these two. September had us frequently visiting the “field” they love to run and play at. 12226610_10101212757571307_304169418_n


I took a walk around the gardens near where I work and stumbled across these beautiful and large succulents! I’ve been attempting to keep succulents in my home…to no luck. They die on me so fast. I thought they were supposed to be easy to care for? And “un-kill-able”?


We visited a little town called Fenton that had the cutest little shops. The outside of this particular shop had  the most beautifully staged space. So cute! I had to snag a photo.


While in Fenton we stopped at a nearby thrift shop and I purchased this lovely small Navajo rug for $12!


I hope you like this photo. Dusty’s been studying a lot lately (what’s new?) So sometimes our evenings “hanging out” look something like this. He has another big exam coming up so we are crossing our fingers for good results!
In October we decided it was time to dig up one of our garden beds that had beared all the fruit it could for the summer – and successful it was! We then decided to try to grow some greens arugula, spinach, lettuce in our other garden bed over the winter.

12233385_10101212757536377_1793325299_n 12233329_10101212757526397_551787879_n

Ta da! Our own “hoop house” of course it is very small…but it houses 8 square feet of salad greens and some herbs that should hold up throughout the winter!


We went out for on Friday night before Halloween for a little “Halloween Party” our costumes consisted of this old Nickelodeon game show theme…Legends of the Hidden Temple! Half the people we saw out knew what we were while the rest (younger crowd) had no clue.  Blue Baracudas!

It was a fun couple of months to say the least. And while life is flying on by and things are getting busy with the holiday I promise to come around and check in more often!

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