Splish Splash We Were Taking a Bath

I thought you might find it completely entertaining (or not) to learn that Dusty and I had a snafu with our washing machine last weekend. I am not one to "work ahead" on my laundry, my mother always tells me…"if you do a little bit each day…you won't get stuck with 4+ loads of laundry come the weekend." Nar nar…thanks mom. I will eventually learn and listen…and in this instance I stuck my foot in my mouth and wish I had followed her advice. I ventured down to our washing machine on a beautiful Sunday morning to find that it had stopped mid-cycle. After attempting to restart it a few times by changing the dial, unplugging it and replugging it …repeat….then Dusty comes down and… repeat again…we soon realized that it was indeed….broken. 

The issue with the washer being broken…and the fact we had just started the first load of laundry…(and had 4 or more to go) meant that we had to come up with a solution quick or be stuck wearing our underwear inside out until we could get it fixed. The big question I received from friends and family was… "well why don't you just go down to the laundromat?" – duh! Ok Ok. I get it. So true. However, the germaphobe in me could not come to terms with the idea of my clothes swirling around inside of a washing machine or dryer where an unknown stranger also swirled their clothing. High maitenance maybe? And in a city….sorry, not sorry, no thank you! I just felt my bathtub was cleaner…plus, I had just bleached it and scrubbed it, and it was ready to be used as our personal washtub. It looked a little like a scene from Little House on the Prairie. 

And the dogs showed their support by lounging in the middle of our airconditioned living room….oh the mockery.


After doing one or two loads of laundry in the tub Dusty and I soon realized that doing the towels and our jeans would be a huge pain, we had a lot of towels, and a pile of jeans, and when drenched in water weigh. a. ton! Thankfully, my wonderful neighbor let us use her washer for these particular items. The laundry-escapade went on throughout the entire day and before you knew it our clothes were clean and smelling wonderful. My arms were a tad sore the next morning from lifting heavy wet clothing and rinsing it with our shower head…but all-in-all our improvision went great! 

No first world problem can stand in our way! 

For other mundane happenings in the Collins house hold, check back in very soon! 

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